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Got the letter from Exam Authority yesterday and finally got to know the day of execution. I’ll have my LRSM piano exam on October 10, which is in less three week’s time. I needa submit a 1800-word program notes but I haven’t written a word yet. One good news is my teacher said I should do just alright in recital part. 

I’m basically taking the coming 2 weeks off from work (except studio and those students who are also taking exam soon) and concentrate on practice. Pray that I can really concentrate on practice and not something else. And I got to finish writing that program note before next Tuesday so that I don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

I’m trying to finish migrating from my old PC to the new iMac. Hopefully things can be done within the night (it’s 3am already). Palm synchronization messed up and I lost all the contacts on the palm. No idea if it’s palm’s fault or mac’s fault, or maybe my fault. Well, all I care is to have the problem solved. 

Oct 10 is the day of execution, a day when I take a ride on another roller coaster, an even more exciting one.

My PC is dying. After having used PC for 16 long years, I’m giving up on PC and give my first try on Mac. My first computer was a pre 286 machine, I don’t even remember what model it was, only remember it took two 5″ disk for boot up. I learned how to type “cang jie" 16 years ago and back then there wasn’t such thing like Word, I used something called “guo qiao" (well, I think there’s another one called Comet 1) and I used Lotus before Excel came out. I used pre-windows system. Now I hardly remember how I used them but well, they were there. Anyways, I’ve had enough with M$ and finally Mac price is going down so I can afford to give it a try. Well, it’s still more expensive than PC but the difference is narrowing down. And by the way, using PC means I need to buy M$ stuffs which are really really really expensive. I know, some of you may say that “hey, so many ‘lo fan'(pirates) out there! Cheap or no cost at all!" Well, I get tired of failing on this little part and ignoring my identity as a Christian on this ‘tiny’ matter. I can actually afford to buy it but I don’t want to buy it. (Tell me, who wants to spend thousands of dollars for a MS Office?) So, let me switch to Mac. Using Mac, even if I buy authentic softwares, they’re not as costly as MS ones. 

But well, hold the discussion…wait till I really get my new toy and actually work on it, then I’ll let you guys know what it’s like to switch from PC to Mac. 

Two of my friends have already asked if they can come over to my place after my new toy’s arrived. They’ve both been using Mac for some time so I can rest assured that when I get into trouble with my new iMac, there’s someone I can turn to. 

So looking forward to having it actually on my desk! Oh! get excited just thinking of there will not be a case anymore, just one monitor and everything’s in it! so much more space!

九月 2006


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