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畫意 王宛之 

作曲: 王宛之|填詞:林夕 

被人嫌怪 被人辭退 被情人騙去 

絕望迫感情傻到留下耳朵 給情人做裝飾的怪客 

誰受過怕感動 還是覺得驚嚇 


百病貧困 仍然無悔 未曾賣過 仍舊畫畫 

只是為了呈現世間光明 來叫開心可散發 

無視血色蒼白 忘掉過得肅殺 


*你 聽過梵高吧 值幾多百 

他那人格 難剖白 求存人人明白 

(只有人家 難表白 求存人人明白) 

看 他有權亂去畫 也許口袋 也不至一片空白* 

畫完無數麥田和向日葵 贏到了後代的收藏研究 


無奈那種勾勒 無奈那種筆法 


萬人聚賞 萬年難買 藝術傑作 

從未獲得當時留意 難道人死商業才計得到它價格 

難道妥協一劃 難道放棄風格 


賣完又買 賣完又買 憑誰定價 憑賣藝偷生 


能活到了不惑 留下了他風格 


看 一個人的命 或者悲慘 

他到臨終 仍肯畫 仍然貢獻世間 

看 他看長夜星空 哪種燦爛 顯得世間太蒼白

It’s been told that a friend, a guy, prefers to have a westerner as girlfriend than a Chinese girlfriend because from experience he found Chinese girls more troublesome. 

The other day, another friend, a ‘girl’, commented on this when talking to me. She said she doesn’t think Chinese girls are troublesome. Well, she’s a Chinese, I’m a Chinese as well. It’s not fair to comment on this and besides, it’s someone’s personal preference. What does it have to do with me or her anyways? 


Then she went on saying, ‘oh well, that makes sense. Western girls usually look prettier and have better/curvasive body figure. Of course, he’d find them more attractive.’ 

OMG! After a short pause, I replied, ‘well, it’s apple in the beholder’s eyes. And, when you love that person, you find him/her pretty; but when love is gone, you don’t find him/her pretty anymore.’ But what I really wanna say was, ‘why would you think your friend would be so superficial to think so?’ 

I wonder if appearance and body figure are the determinants in her choosing a boyfriend. It’s not like choosing the most favorite movie star or what, we’re talking about love! 

If someone devaluates me because of my look or body figure, oh, so what? Who cares? 

The most important thing is: “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." (1 Sam 16:7) And I know I’m God’s beloved child.

十一月 2006