Arrived at HK Airport yesterday morning at around 7:30. Had breakfast with some tripmates at 恆香棧 then took A41 back home…arrived at home at around 10:15. 

Went to church, then had lunch with a friend and went shopping for the things I really needed urgently and back home at around 6pm. Had dinner, went online, loaded pictures from camera to computer (but no time for uploading yet)…so on and on… 

By the time I finally went to bed, it’s around 2am – that’s around 40 hours since I got up on Dec 30 in Bangladesh. 

Now, after sleeping for 18 hours, I’m still very sleepy. I think I needa sleep for another 18 hours before I can really write something here. 

Anyways, Dhaka is an extremely dusty city. Bangladeshi are friendly and nice. Traffic in/around Dhaka is extremely busy – traffic jammed all the time. Food is good – only in my host family’s house, not in restaurant. KFC there is for the rich – though it’s still around HKD 20 for a set meal… 

Many more to write but I really need some sleep. 

Abba dekka hobe – see you again