Grandpa’s doing very well in the hospital 

though he obviously still needs to be hospitalized for a while (he 

asked us to go get the money back home in his bedroom to settle the 

fee and get him home this evening =_=!) but the real good news is 

before we prayed for him today, my mom asked him if he tried to pray 

and he said yes. In fact, even when he’s still in ICU and couldn’t 

talk, he expressed that he prayed by himself. Though we’re not sure 

if he’s just giving us a ‘yes’ to avoid us talking more on that, I 

remember that the day before operation, when we offered to pray for 

him, he moved around and kinda tried to avoid it but today, when it’s 

about time for us to leave, he got himself prepared for prayer. Isn’t 

that a good news or what?!