My friend says it’s a consolation present I’ve got but I say it’s the best gift ever. 

My grandparents had rejected God all their lives. Whenever we touched the topic of anything about God, my grandpa would just turn away and my grandma would either ignore us, change the topic, or respond with something mean depending on her mood. 

In last December, grandpa got into hospital for a major operation in his abdomen area. The operation went well but he got pneumonia afterwards and was sent into Intensive Care Unit. When grandpa was in ICU, we told grandma that we’d been praying for grandpa all the time and her temper was immediately aroused. She complained about things that go way back to when my mom was a teen, that’s when my mom began to go to church. She then said to my mom, ‘your dad would never believe in God. We all know that. But I tell you, if your dad can get through this (leaving ICU), I will believe Jesus. Take my word.’ 

About 2 weeks later, my grandpa left ICU and got back to normal ward though immediately he was diagnosed to have tuberculosis and was secluded was a week. During that my mom told my grandma that we’ve always been praying for grandpa and had faith that he could leave ICU. My grandma said, ‘for such a small thing you’re trying to claim the credit for your Jesus already! Don’t talk about this now!’ 

During all this time, my mom’s visiting grandpa on almost a daily basis. I’d go like twice or trice a week. After waking up in ICU, grandpa’s been very cooperative upon our offer of praying for him. He’d even say ‘yes’ when we asked him whether he’d like to have us praying with him. One day mom visited him alone in the seclusion ward. As usual, she asked grandpa whether he’d like to have her praying with him. He said, ‘well, no need to…’ Oh no! ‘…I’ve made a deal with Jesus already.’ What?! He still hasn’t yet disclosed what that deal is. 

On the day before Valentine’s Day, mom and I visited grandpa together. On that afternoon, the chaplain, who was mom’s classmate in Bible seminary, visited grandpa. We asked grandpa if the chaplain had invited him to believe in God. 


‘So, do you believe God now?’ 

‘Yea, I do.’ 

OMG! This is really something we’ve prayed for so long but never really thought that it’d come true…at least not so easily. We’ve never really had a chance to share the Gospel with him. All he heard about Jesus was through our prayers with him. Yet, conversations we had later show that somehow he seems to understand what he’s believing in. This is the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift. The Chinese Valentine’s Day this year is on Mar 4 and I was praying for an even better gift that my grandpa converts. 

A few days later, mom lead grandpa to make a prayer to accept Jesus as his personal savior. He made a comment afterwards, ‘your mom (grandma) will oppose this.’ 

The next day, he told my aunt, who’s a non-believer, that he’s converted and he doesn’t need that ‘magic spell figure’ she’s bought him from a Taoist temple. 

Two days later on his birthday, he told grandma that he’s converted when grandma was tidying up the place after burning offering to her ‘god’. ‘This should be the last time. From now on, worship Jesus,’ he said. 

And from that day on, my grandpa has been doing something we dare not to do – he’s been persuading grandma to convert day after day. He calls grandma several times a day with his mobile from the hospital. Grandma said he’s been persuading her to convert everytime he calls. ‘I know what I said and I’ll keep my word. I will believe in Jesus but not now,’ grandma said. 

There’re still a few days to go before Chinese Valentine’s Day arrives but I’ve got THE great gift already. My friend says it’s a consolation present (coz I don’t have a boyfriend) but I say it’s the best gift ever. Grandpa’s kidney is failing and doctor has told us that he’s got just about an year left BUT we know that he’s got eternal life in God’s Kingdom. Even grandpa himself knows that he’s in Jesus’ big family and he’ll go to Heaven…just a bit earlier than us, and we’ll join him later. 

I remember when grandpa was in ICU and was put into sleep with drugs by doctor, I prayed that God would reveal Himself to grandpa and talk to him directly so that he may know Him though he couldn’t hear us. God listened to my prayers and I believe that God did speak to grandpa (or else how did grandpa make a deal with Jesus). I hope this may encourage anyone who’s trying to share the Gospel with their non-believer family members. And I pray that you all may get this best-gift-ever soon.