M$ has released a new format in Word 2007 – .docx 

Don’t ask me what it really is. I still have no clue. All I know is my mom screamed ‘help!’ (and ‘what the heck’…and so on) when she couldn’t open the word file she saved in the ugly, bulky church computer, which got Word 2007 installed, on my beautiful, slim iMac. Naturally, my sweet iMac became the scapegoat. 

Poor iMac. Not her fault! If you bring that .docx file to any other PC that doesn’t run Word 2007, you’ll still get stuck. Well, yea, M$ has offered a compatibility pack for previous Word versions users but some format stuffs will still be lost. And M$ hasn’t released a compatibility pack for oother users. 

So, what to do? ‘Now I have to rush back to church office early in the morning to get the file and send it out tomorrow?’ Mom grumbled. 

No, no. Well, after searching on the internet, solution is found. Well, not a perfect one but a helpful one. Thanks to all the people out there who know way better than me. The .docx is a xml format (don’t ask me what it exactly means, I have no clue) and is actually a zipped thing. So, on the mac, I can’t retain the format but I can retain the text. Only three steps have to be taken: 

1) change the extension from .docx to .zip 

2) unzip the file 

3) under the unzipped file directory, go to ‘Word’ folder and open ‘document.xml’ with Safari. 

Then you’ll get the text out. Remember to open it with Safari. Somehow, without specific instruction, my iMac automatically chose to open it with … Big-Bang-4-in-a-Row. God knows why it chooses a game app out of all other choices! 

But the best way to avoid the hassle is: always save your Word file in a lower version previous to 2007. Remember: anything newly launched by M$ is unsafe to be used. Stay clear!