I was doing translation last night. I’d finished almost the whole lesson. I clicked the xx button, yy button, then another button, and yet another click. 

Darn! It’s almost right after I clicked the last click I knew I did something terribly wrong. NeoOffice is a good software. It reads MS Office files perfectly (almost) and it works almost exactly the same way as MS Office. Plus, It’s FREE! Good as it is, there are flaws. After being trained so many years on the piano, my fingers work really fast, and I guess too fast for the software to handle. I knew it! If I click too many buttons at the same time, it’d crash. And it did. 

Click the Apple on the left top conrner, Force Quit, Force Quit NeoOffice. (Well, works just like alt+ctrl+del in windows.) Relaunch NeoOffice, then file recovery…Great! 1/4 of the work recovered… 

It’s almost 5am. Great! 

I could actually just go to bed and forget about it and let it wait till today but I was just unwilling to just quit it like that. I did my best to recall what I had just translated and typed the whole thing again. 

I finally went to bed at around 6:15am. 

(Well, really, don’t blame my beautiful Mac. It’s not her fault but mine.) 

(Well, again, alongside with my translation work, I was reading novels and comics…and occassionally searching for things in youtube…plus other things, you know. I’m a multitasker.)