It happened again…NeoOffice needa be force quited. I was … a bit frustrated. 

But this time, I did something before quiting. I took a screen capture and successfully captured an image of nearly a whole page of words. 

Force Quit. Relaunch. 

So…I hadn’t pressed the save button since right after starting point 5. I have point 7 and 8 in the screen cap image, that means I have two points to fill. Wait…how can two points take up just 3 lines? That doesn’t make sense. Oh…wait! I did type point 5 but…I put the content of point 6 in it. The whole point 5….where is it? No where to be found. Let me read it again…no recollection whatsoever! Hahaha! These things do happen …again and again. I missed one big paragraph again. (hmm…it happened when I as doing my final year project, and when I was translating the first book for this publisher…and am sure it happened in other projects as well. Luckily, I’ve got friends who are willing to proofread my things! Thanks, guys!) 

Thank God it crashed! 

So blessed I am.