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Finally upgrade Tiger to Leopard. The installation process was like this: 

1. insert the installation DVD into the CD/VCD/DVD slot 

2. It auto runs and open a window. then click install Leopard 

3. Click Restart in the pop-up window. 

4. Click “continue" (well, I’m choosing English as the OS language. If I wanted to choose Chinese, I’d have to click “Traditional Chinese" then “continue") 

5. click “continue" (well, I have only one volume on my imac, so nothing to choose. one click is enough) 

6. click “agree" when terms and conditions popped up. 

7. click install 

then wait for about 1-2 hours. I don’t really remember how long it took coz after clicking those 7 clicks (I saw 9 clicks in the guided tour video but…well, gotta admit that I didn’t really count when I was making those clicks), I went talking with my mom, made myself a drink, took a long shower…lost track of time. =P 

And now my 17″ iMac is running Leopard. The upgrade was smooth and nice. All the problems people talked about in forums didn’t happen to me (thank God!). 

My cousin said using Mac is just about vanity. Oh, he’s just envious! Hahaha…. 

I am a Mac Lover. =) 

Recently bought a Macbook through Apple Online Store (HK). It came like a week after I placed the order and we (my mom and I) used it for two days. On the second day, as I closed the book after installing some softwares on it (so that my mom can use it for daily office works), I found that the lid (screen) and the base (keyboard) don’t really fit. After some inspection, it seems that the hinge is not perfectly installed and thus resulted in a gap of about 1mm. Well, I know it’s just 1mm but hey! All Apple products are supposed to be like a piece of art! So, my mom called Apple hotline and the staff asked us to take the Macbook to their office at Causeway Bay and let them have a look. 

What? Causeway Bay? I live in the NT (that’s an hour away from CWB. Ok, an hour away may not seem much to those who live in the States but HK is a small place. Anywhere that takes more than 30 mins to get to is far away!). And the office obviously only opens during normal office hours, which means we’ll have to take a day off from work to take it there…NO WAY! 

And so the staff asked us to take some pictures and send it to this particular email address. And so I did everything as they requested, pressed the “send" button and off it goes. 

A few minutes later, I got an auto-reply: “Sorry! But our e-mail service is closed. Please call us at xxx-xxx-xxx." 

What the heck!? 

That was after mid-night, so we call them the next morning. Even the staff was surprised to hear that we got such reply but then as she tried to do some searching on her own computer, she found that the system was down. Eventually, she gave us her own email address at Apple and asked us to send the mail again directly to her. 

So I did. 

This time, it took longer to get a reply but this reply is an acknowledgment of replacement request. A bit later, I got another email saying that a replacement order is being placed. Later again, a shipment notice was received. 

And about a week later, the replacement arrived. YEAH! 

Merrily I unpacked the shipment package box, opened that beautifully designed suitcase like Macbook box, and took out the pretty glaring white Macbook. Oh my goodness! How come there’s this small piece of whitish thing sticking on the edge? I scratched it with my finger nail and only half of it came out. I was furious! This is a replacement already and…what the heck has happened to quality control at Apple? I immediately took some pictures and wrote an email… 

And I was playing with that “dirt" I scratched out and…wait! It’s a very thin whitish film curled up like some kind of debris. “Mom, try wipe it with a piece of cloth gently!" I shouted. 

“Yeah! It’s gone!" And the Macbook looks perfect now! And our hearts were like having ride on a roller coaster. 

Still, what the heck has happened to quality control at Apple? Too much order to take care of? Huh? 

I’ll still buy Apple products, I think. I just bought Leopard. I still want the iPhone (despise of all the cons people talk about). 

I think I really have become a Mac Lover.

十一月 2007