Finally upgrade Tiger to Leopard. The installation process was like this: 

1. insert the installation DVD into the CD/VCD/DVD slot 

2. It auto runs and open a window. then click install Leopard 

3. Click Restart in the pop-up window. 

4. Click “continue" (well, I’m choosing English as the OS language. If I wanted to choose Chinese, I’d have to click “Traditional Chinese" then “continue") 

5. click “continue" (well, I have only one volume on my imac, so nothing to choose. one click is enough) 

6. click “agree" when terms and conditions popped up. 

7. click install 

then wait for about 1-2 hours. I don’t really remember how long it took coz after clicking those 7 clicks (I saw 9 clicks in the guided tour video but…well, gotta admit that I didn’t really count when I was making those clicks), I went talking with my mom, made myself a drink, took a long shower…lost track of time. =P 

And now my 17″ iMac is running Leopard. The upgrade was smooth and nice. All the problems people talked about in forums didn’t happen to me (thank God!). 

My cousin said using Mac is just about vanity. Oh, he’s just envious! Hahaha…. 

I am a Mac Lover. =)