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It’s really freezing in where I live. Somehow I live in a valley and everyone knows that cold air sinks. And now I finally find one disadvantage of the Apple aluminum keyboard: it’s cold…cold ….and cold! Somehow it feels cooler than the plastic one though the keys themselves are still plastic. 

There’s one particular thing that I’d avoid doing on cold days like these: playing musical instruments. That includes the piano, the violin, the harp, and the guitar. Fingers just don’t function normally. They’re like frozen rods. And simply can’t feel the touch and thus hard to control tone quality. 

Hong Kong is actually a subtropical city and usually warm, even in winter. Ok, there’re a few cold days in winter but usually really just a few days. This time, however, is more than just a few days. It’s been cold for more than a week and will still be cold for another week at least. So…I finally bought a heater tonight. Just a very small one and it’s cheap – just $398 (HKD). Hope it will warm up my room a bit.

二月 2008