Grande Maison means Big Home/House in French but this Grand Maison is not big at all.

It’s always hard to find a place for lunch on Sunday in TST. It’s hard not because there is no choice but quite the contrary, there are too many choices. And as we were walking along Ashley Road last Sunday and was trying to pick one of the many restaurants there, we saw this blackboard menu at the entrance of this narrow building on the street. The price for set lunch there is around $60, which is not expensive but not cheap either. But then we noticed that there’s no service charge and it’s giving a 20% off discount. And it’s on the first floor of the building. And my friend said she had tried it with her colleagues and it’s good.

So we went up stairs to this Grand Maison on the first floor. As we stepped inside, my friend exclaimed, “oh no, this is not the one I tried!" The waitress heard it and, quite surprisingly, instead of persuading me to stay, she asked which type of cuisine we’re looking for and wanted to help us to find the one we had in mind. But we stayed anyway. 

The set lunch includes soup, a main dish, a dessert, and a cup of coffee/tea. My friend chose cream soup and I chose vegetable soup. The soup is ok…not bad but nothing special either. For main dish, my friend chose chicken fillet with pasta in white wine sauce while I chose lamb chop with veg and potato in black pepper sauce. We both though that with that price ($52-60), we can’t expect much but it’s good. Honestly, it’s beyond our expectation.  It’s as good as those offered in restaurants that would cost us over $70 (less service charge). We got the same dessert as there’s no choice. It’s dessert of the day – black currant blancmange. Pretty good as well, at least the display is good even if one doesn’t like dessert at all. My friend chose to have tea but I chose to have coffee as I usually do. My friend thought the tea to be too bitter and asked if it’s ok to have it replaced. The waitress happily replaced it with another one, which fits my friend’s taste buds perfectly. My coffee was… not bad but not exactly the kind I like. Well, let’s say it’s just ordinary house coffee. 

The bill was $95… for two sets. I “generously" laid a $100 banknote and told the waitress no need to change. Must say that it’s sooo much better than the $70 lunch we had a couple weeks ago in another cafe round the corner. And yet, it’s so much cheaper. I can see myself coming back to this restaurant again… even if it doesn’t offer discount anymore.