One of the things I bought from Osaka is a Japanese Bible. It’s a very nice pocket-sized Bible. The best thing about it is it has all the hiragana alongside the kanjis. The other versions I found in the bookstore just don’t have the hiragana. And as a really elementary Japanese learner, it’s just impossible to read kanji without hiragana printed on the side.

Two weeks ago, I brought this “newly-bought" Bible with me to my Japanese lesson. It’s a private one-on-one tuition and we do it in a way that my teacher teaches me Japanese and I teach her English as an exchange.  No money involved. The way I found this teacher was quite amazing as well but it’s a long story. Anyway, in short, she was not the one I intended to find but that person fell ill and couldn’t teach me and referred me to my current teacher. My teacher was born in China and went to Japan when she was 12, then married a Japanese guy and came to Hong Kong about two years ago. In China, as everyone knows, Christianity exists but only in the underground. It’s not allowed for anyone to spread the gospel publicly. In Japan, it’s hard to find a church. I mean, in a place where you can find actor acting as pastor/father in wedding, what can you expect? As a result, my teacher has never heard of the gospel, never read the Bible before. It was her very first encounter with the Bible on that Friday two weeks ago when I showed it to her and asked her to teach me reading it. 

On that day, we read through Genesis 1. She’s never heard of the Creation story. She asked me some simple questions and said it’s kinda interesting. 

Then I went for lesson yesterday again. And she showed me a simplified Chinese Bible! She went to Macao during the weekend and it so happened that there were free Bibles available outside a church. She took one and started to read it on her own! 

It’s my wish to spread the gospel through that small Japanese Bible I bought but I never thought it’d work so quickly. Maybe it’s a bit early to say that it’s working but it’s the work of the Spirit, not of me. If God’s willing, may this be a channel to lead her to the Lord! Amen.