I don’t really watch movie that much. I don’t watch TV that much either but I do get to watch Roadshow TV … it’s hard to avoid it on bus.

Then I saw this trailer of Shaolin Girl on Roadshow. I think everyone knows that English subtitles for “Hong Kong" movies (well, Shaolin Girl is not exactly a Hong Kong movie but it is produced by Mr. Chow) is bad but since I don’t watch movies that much I don’t really know how bad the subtitle is. And honestly, even when I watch Chinese movies, I wouldn’t pay any attention to the subtitles and pretend it’s not there – how’d I pollute my eyes! 

Anyway, since this trailer is on Roadshow, I get to watch a bit of it. And since it’s in Japanese, I needed to watch the subtitles (my Japanese is pretty much in kindergarten level). Then I saw these lines:

Long time waiting for you. (I have been waiting for you for a long time!)

No one ask you to wait. (Hmm… no one askED you to wait)

Power which was seal off. (Oh… seal off is a noun or the participle has recently been changed to seal – without ed at the end?)

Then I went on youtube and see if I can find that trailer… oh, I love youtube!

Then let’s go through:

We are proud of you who endureD all (of) THE training.

What are you going to do after you ARE back IN your country?

Hey, long time no see, Rin. (We Chinese should be proud. We have successfully polluted the English world that this Chinglish phrase is found in Cambridge Dictionary of Idioms! The phrase can be traced back to sino-western trade back in the 1800s when the westerners took this phrase from Chinese traders’ broken English.)

Endure all of training (Well, endure the whole training, or all the training, of all of the training…just not “all of training"!)

If you come to me, I just make you come. 我有辦法引她過來…!? (OK… this one… I have no idea how they got this translation. “I have a way to lure her to come to our side" would be my translation. The English translation here is… hmm…. I’d say it’s like in porno. If you come <really coming over like walking over> to me, I just make you come <reaching orgasm!???> Or it’s just me having dirty thoughts in my mind?)

How nice Qi it is. (Hmm… I’d prefer “How nice is you Qi")

Long time waiting for you (see above)

No one ask you to wait! (see above as well)

When she frees up her fierce power which was seal off. (see above… and btw, that full stop (period) at the end of the phrase is original from the subtitle. It isn’t a typo)

 Who translated this thing? (Oh, well, yes… I know… translator’s job is hard and a critique’s job is easy…)