Sunday morning, went to church very early as I had to play the violin. Since I attended the first service (we have two in the same morning), so I went out to podium during the second service. A friend came over and asked if I can help out a bit. It turned out that there are French, a guy and a lady, at the reception table. My friend brought me over and they asked if I speak French. Well, my French is like… well, I was in advanced level but after not having used it for so many years, I don’t really remember much.  The guy speaks English but the lady speaks French only. One of the elders was there trying to explain the situation but the communication was not that good. I told them I speak only a little and very bad but still tried to explain it to the lady that it seems there’s no French protestant church around. The guy speaks English but he has to work on most Sundays and so he can’t stay with her in our church. I told them that there’re a couple other in the church who speak fluent French but we have to ask if they’d be willing to do whisper interpretation for her during service. And I asked her to leave her contacts so that we may contact her after we’ve made the arrangements. Then they left.

As they were leaving, the guy said to me that I said I could only speak little French but that little got more and more…It’s not a little, he said. Oh… it was like speaking tongue, haha! 

It’s actually rare to find a French being Christian… non Catholic Christian. French people… most of them claim themselves to be Catholics but most of them only go to church on big days: Christmas, Easter, Wedding, and Funeral. I hope we can help that French lady to settle down in our church so that she can get more support. 

I was a bit surprised that I still remember how a lot of my French. Never thought I’d have the chance to use it again…in Hong Kong but who knows…