I remember back when I was in high school, we had this discussion about professions in feline society in a lesson.

It started like this: One day, one of the girls in the class asked this question during recess that we have all sorts of professions in human world like teachers, nurses, doctors, and so on. And she saw a cat in the campus and she began to wonder if there are different professions in the feline society. Are there cat doctors who are there to attend to other cats when somecat got sick? Are there cat teachers who’s responsible for teaching other cats…and so on…

And then the discussion extended into our lesson time. Our teacher thought it’s a good topic for discussion and so we spent like the whole 35 minutes on it. 

Well, most of you (or even us back in the class) think that it’s a silly question and a silly discussion. Got too much time to waste on… well, watch this video and maybe the discussion wasn’t that silly after all.