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Why would I talk about HP Touchsmart, a PC?

Coz I tried it out in Fortress and… on first sight it does look cool from afar. But as you get closer, then you see the actually not so small base and then you find it not as cool as you think.

How about the interface? Well, the interface is actually like coverflow on Macs (and ipod touch, and iphone). You swipe to find what you want on the menu – a menu that includes icons of the most frequently used/popular applications ONLY. If you wanna find stuffs that are not there in the “coverflow" menu, you still need to press the classic “Start", only this time it’s on top left corner – just where the Apple icon is on a Mac. Once you press “Start", then it’s just a PC.

How about the touch screen? After all, the touch screen is what makes it different from the rest of the many computers. Well, of course you can touch and make it work. You can swipe the menu – as mentioned above. You can play games like the classic minesweeper with your fingers pressing on the screen… and now you get a problem. The screen is not multi-touch. How to flag a mine? I couldn’t figure out and so I blew up myself several times. 

Viewing pictures/photos is just like on the iphone/ipod touch except it’s a much bigger screen… but here comes a problem too! I didn’t expect this would be a problem but it really IS a problem. The problem is the screen is too big and it is standing. So, imagine yourself sitting on a comfortable armchair. Now, you wanna view some photos on this Touchsmart. It’s a 22-inch screen so you can’t sit too close. So, you’re sitting at at least an arm away from the screen and now, you needa swipe it to get to the next screen. You raise your arm and swipe on the screen with your finger. Next photo is up – Nice! But then, you have over a hundred photos in the album. That means, you have to lift up your arm and swipe a hundred times. Or, you may stand right next to the screen as if you’re using the screen to do a presentation or something. 

Or, imagine you’re playing solitaire. You needa move a card to this stack or that. Or you wanna move the whole stack somewhere else. How many moves are needed in a Solitaire game before you win/lose? I don’t know. I only know that way before the game is over – only a few moves – I could feel my arm muscles had worked out a bit. 

Well, it’s good for someone who’s trying to get rid of “bye-bye flesh" (fat on upper arm). 

And the price is HKD12998 (with TV tuner). 

If it’s like the extremely expensive Windows Surface, then the touch screen thing may work. But with it on a stand-up monitor? Well, you get a value-added function: a new work-out apparatus at home.

Whenever possible, I will keep my a/c off, but last night it’s just too hot. 

I needed to tidy up my room to make space for the new HP M1120 (multi-function laser printer) and after tidying up for like six hours, I got tired and I could feel myself stink. Way too hot.

My mom got home at night and asked, “can we set a rule or something that says we can switch on the a/c when the temperature’s over certain degree?" 

And later the night, we both decided that… our sweat told us that it’s way pass that certain degree 

and for the first time in 2008, I switched on the a/c in my room.

So, I’ve been playing with my ipod touch with software 2.0 for almost a week. I’ve also finally paid the second time in app store, which is also the first time I pay for an app (the first time was to buy the software 2.0).

The app costed me USD29.99 and obviously, if it makes me pay USD29.99 and I’m willing to do it, this app must be a useful app and a meaningful app. And voila! I’ve got BibleXpress installed. Just tried out a bit and seems pretty good to me. Very similar to the olivetree (NIV bundle) I used on palm before but looks much better. (I am sophisticated enough to actually study the Bible but at the same time, I am cheap and I am shallow – I don’t want to pay and I do like eye-candy stuffs!) I like the note function which gives users a way to make notes on each verse which is, as the developer wrote, good for expository study. From its website, it’s very likely that I can get NIV and The Message in future free updates. I hope that the developer will add commentaries and dictionaries to the app as well. I’ll depend on this app when I do my Precept class!

After playing with my friend’s iphone (actually, she’s my piano student but we ended up playing iphone and ipod touch instead of playing the piano…LOL), I know I WILL get an iphone – just a matter of time. My dad will probably be envious if I get one =P

I’ve been using an iMac for almost two years.

My mom bought a macbook last year and has been using it ever since.

And last week, I ordered a macbook under educational discount and ordered an 8GB ipod touch at the same time – the ipod touch comes free after rebate.

And today, the two new members of my Apple family have arrived safely. 

The macbook is paid by the “company" so… free for me. In less than 10 minutes after it came out of the box, all registration and set-up are done and it’s running smoothly. 

I will get an iphone but that’s probably next year. The contract I have with PCCW still has an year to go. And I’m not really interested in getting the first generation 3G iphone. So, an ipod touch is the next best thing I can get and I’ve got it. Isn’t that nice? 

I’ve paid USD 9.95 to get the latest update 2.0 and have been downloading free apps from app store all night. Quite a lot of fun. 

But now, what to do with my Nokia6500 slide? Though I didn’t have to pay for it (dad bought it), it’s new. I used to rely on it for calendar, contact and everything… now… seems of little use other than the simplest phone function. I’ve got Bible on the ipod touch and everyone knows how big the screen is – triple the size of the Nokia I have in hand; I’ve got a few games on it as well – though I have to admit that I am cheap so I’ve only downloaded the free ones; I’ve also got dictionaries and books – again, free apps only. What other than making a phone call that only the Nokia may do? Oh well, there’s sms as well…

Conclusion 1: I will get an iphone… just a matter of time =P 

Conclusion 2: After having 2 macbooks at home and one iMac, and an ipod touch… it’s hard to imagine myself turning back to M$. I’ve become a Mac-lover and will probably remain a Mac-lover… for a long while…

When was the last time I saw a movie in a theatre? I don’t quite remember. Was it Ratatouille? 

I finally stepped in a theatre again this afternoon and saw Kung Fu Panda. A friend bought the tickets for the three of us and I didn’t know that she’s bought the Chinese version. I wanted to see the English original, but the Chinese version was actually not bad at all. A few lines at the very beginning sounded odd but after that, it’s pretty fine. 

The plot is very very simple. A bunch of innocent civilians and a good kung-fu master with his several good kung-fu students VS a bad former kung-fu student (and adopted son) of the master. Obviously, the good ones win and the bad one goes to hell. Oh well, a good guy died as well but that’s because it’s time for him to go to “heaven". Me and my friend laughed so hard when this good guy, actually a turtle, transcended into the sky in a bunch of peach-blossom petals. The friend who bought the tickets said she fell asleep when the master tried to persuade the panda to stay at the monastery. Well, yes, that’s a scene without much action but it’s fine with me. It’d be dull if the whole thing just goes on kung-fu fighting all the time. 

$65 for the ticket is a bit expensive but well, had some good laughters. I am shallow – all I wanna see in a theatre is just something that doesn’t require too much thinking and makes me laugh. And that’s exactly what Kung-fu Panda is.






What a site! Overloaded? 

Alternative option:

You will have to keep the tab active to keep it running. What I usually do is open this link in a new window then just put it in another space and let it run by itself. I like 881 programs but I really dislike the

Was reading Mingpao today and read this article:



 死海出土 耶穌出生前文物

 該石塊高3呎,上有87行希伯來文,罕有用墨書寫。石塊已破裂,部分字不可辨,預料將引起學者不同詮釋。特拉維夫大學考古學教授戈倫(Yuval Goren)已對該石塊作化學檢驗,他表示並無理由懷疑該石塊的真偽。該石塊早於十年前出土,由一名瑞士猶太人購買收藏,但該收藏家並不知道該石塊的意義,直至數年前一名以色列學者仔細研究該石塊後,才知意義不同凡響。

 加州大學柏克萊分校猶太教法典教授博亞林(Daniel Boyarin)表示,該石塊進一步說明,只有通過仔細研究耶穌所屬年代的猶太歷史,才能更全面了解耶穌這人物。他說﹕「基督徒或會覺得這是令人震驚的,因為這對基督教神學的獨一無二性構成挑戰。」新約《聖經》有關彌賽亞的描述,跟猶太教最大分別,便是彌賽亞的形象是受苦的,且死後3天復活。但若有關說法早在耶穌出生前便流傳,那麼這便顯示基督教的教義源於猶太教,對耶穌的傳統認識更可能要重新評估。


 石塊上的文字內容,是關於「加伯利大天使」的啟示,當中引述舊約聖經中的先知預言。石塊部分文字已脫落,經研究後,希伯萊大學聖經研究教授諾爾(Israel Knohl) 認為,該石塊第80行寫的是﹕「我,加伯利,命令你3天後生存。」他命令的是「王子中的王子」,希伯來聖經《但以理書》曾提及加伯利及「王子中的王子」,諾爾認為石塊所寫的,是關於一名猶太人領袖死後3天復活。他表示該名領袖有可能是被希律王殺死的歷史人物西蒙,石塊可能是出自西蒙追隨者之手。他說﹕「這會動搖我們對基督教的基本看法。死後3天復活是耶穌出生前已出現的主題,這跟一直以來的說法大相逕庭。新約《聖經》中耶穌及其門徒的說法,都是以早期的彌賽亞故事為根據。」



The original text from New York Times is here.

So what if this tablet shows that Christianity is originated from Judaism? Didn’t everybody know that Christianity IS originated from Judaism? 

So what if Jesus’ teaching is based on Old Testament? Didn’t everyone who has read the Bible know that,  too?

And how about the prediction of death and resurrection of Messiah? OF COURSE there were such predictions. Many scriptures from the Old Testament are related to that!

“it suggests that the story of his death and resurrection was not unique but part of a recognized Jewish tradition at the time…Resurrection after three days becomes a motif developed before Jesus, which runs contrary to nearly all scholarship. What happens in the New Testament was adopted by Jesus and his followers based on an earlier messiah story…He notes that in the Gospels, Jesus makes numerous predictions of his suffering and New Testament scholars say such predictions must have been written in by later followers because there was no such idea present in his day. But there was, he said, and “Gabriel’s Revelation” shows it."

So, one single tablet can prove that it’s a motif developed before Jesus, a recognized Jewish tradition? Now I understand why some believe that no one died in June-4 Incident as there’re more than one who have said so. 

I really don’t see how this may ignite debate over Messiah and resurrection. The tablet is, of course, worthy of study. It shows something from the past. It may fill some gaps… or it may create more gaps. Either way, it is good for understanding history. But to have the core of Christianity shaken by this finding… It’s unlikely to happen.




頓時,她呆了,連裝哭也忘了,連她的媽媽也發現了。她在呆,我在笑,她的媽媽也笑了(應該很感激我吧!?),然後… 本來有哭聲沒眼淚的廣播劇,變成了有眼淚沒聲音的默劇。她終於滴出了兩滴眼淚(真的只有兩滴!),要拿紙巾去抹。母親大人問會否令她蒙上飲茶陰影,不過,沒多久,她便跟爸爸玩得笑聲連連,應該是沒有吧!


我,果然是惡人皇后的女兒 – 惡人公主。

七月 2008