881903.com changed its interface about a week ago. The day after the interface was changed, I went to the website (I go to this website everyday) and tried to open the online broadcast through the drop-down manual but it failed.  And there’s a new thing called HKToolbar but it’s for Windows only. It’s very frustrating as I usually listen to radio online. I was a bit disappointed that they neglected Mac users and ironically, right under the drop-down manual that didn’t work, there’s a Mac ad. 

So, I clicked the “contact us" button and left a message there asking them to fix the problem. It was June 26.

And today, I finally got a reply from them and the problem is fixed. Mac users may now listen to online broadcast from the drop-down manual which is now named “Mac用戶網上直播". 

So, voicing out does work with a responsive company. But gotta say that… they shouldn’t have launched a website that is not ready for everyone yet. And 881903.com is now a “beta" version only. I don’t feel that bad as I’m not a paid client. I’m just an ordinary listener enjoying free online broadcast. But I were a paid client, I’d be really pissed off.