When was the last time I saw a movie in a theatre? I don’t quite remember. Was it Ratatouille? 

I finally stepped in a theatre again this afternoon and saw Kung Fu Panda. A friend bought the tickets for the three of us and I didn’t know that she’s bought the Chinese version. I wanted to see the English original, but the Chinese version was actually not bad at all. A few lines at the very beginning sounded odd but after that, it’s pretty fine. 

The plot is very very simple. A bunch of innocent civilians and a good kung-fu master with his several good kung-fu students VS a bad former kung-fu student (and adopted son) of the master. Obviously, the good ones win and the bad one goes to hell. Oh well, a good guy died as well but that’s because it’s time for him to go to “heaven". Me and my friend laughed so hard when this good guy, actually a turtle, transcended into the sky in a bunch of peach-blossom petals. The friend who bought the tickets said she fell asleep when the master tried to persuade the panda to stay at the monastery. Well, yes, that’s a scene without much action but it’s fine with me. It’d be dull if the whole thing just goes on kung-fu fighting all the time. 

$65 for the ticket is a bit expensive but well, had some good laughters. I am shallow – all I wanna see in a theatre is just something that doesn’t require too much thinking and makes me laugh. And that’s exactly what Kung-fu Panda is.