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I’ve been using an iMac for almost two years.

My mom bought a macbook last year and has been using it ever since.

And last week, I ordered a macbook under educational discount and ordered an 8GB ipod touch at the same time – the ipod touch comes free after rebate.

And today, the two new members of my Apple family have arrived safely. 

The macbook is paid by the “company" so… free for me. In less than 10 minutes after it came out of the box, all registration and set-up are done and it’s running smoothly. 

I will get an iphone but that’s probably next year. The contract I have with PCCW still has an year to go. And I’m not really interested in getting the first generation 3G iphone. So, an ipod touch is the next best thing I can get and I’ve got it. Isn’t that nice? 

I’ve paid USD 9.95 to get the latest update 2.0 and have been downloading free apps from app store all night. Quite a lot of fun. 

But now, what to do with my Nokia6500 slide? Though I didn’t have to pay for it (dad bought it), it’s new. I used to rely on it for calendar, contact and everything… now… seems of little use other than the simplest phone function. I’ve got Bible on the ipod touch and everyone knows how big the screen is – triple the size of the Nokia I have in hand; I’ve got a few games on it as well – though I have to admit that I am cheap so I’ve only downloaded the free ones; I’ve also got dictionaries and books – again, free apps only. What other than making a phone call that only the Nokia may do? Oh well, there’s sms as well…

Conclusion 1: I will get an iphone… just a matter of time =P 

Conclusion 2: After having 2 macbooks at home and one iMac, and an ipod touch… it’s hard to imagine myself turning back to M$. I’ve become a Mac-lover and will probably remain a Mac-lover… for a long while…

七月 2008