So, I’ve been playing with my ipod touch with software 2.0 for almost a week. I’ve also finally paid the second time in app store, which is also the first time I pay for an app (the first time was to buy the software 2.0).

The app costed me USD29.99 and obviously, if it makes me pay USD29.99 and I’m willing to do it, this app must be a useful app and a meaningful app. And voila! I’ve got BibleXpress installed. Just tried out a bit and seems pretty good to me. Very similar to the olivetree (NIV bundle) I used on palm before but looks much better. (I am sophisticated enough to actually study the Bible but at the same time, I am cheap and I am shallow – I don’t want to pay and I do like eye-candy stuffs!) I like the note function which gives users a way to make notes on each verse which is, as the developer wrote, good for expository study. From its website, it’s very likely that I can get NIV and The Message in future free updates. I hope that the developer will add commentaries and dictionaries to the app as well. I’ll depend on this app when I do my Precept class!

After playing with my friend’s iphone (actually, she’s my piano student but we ended up playing iphone and ipod touch instead of playing the piano…LOL), I know I WILL get an iphone – just a matter of time. My dad will probably be envious if I get one =P