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Last Wednesday night, I was using wifi on ipod touch to transfer some files from my mac onto the ipod… as usual. All of a sudden, in the middle of the night, the wifi connected dropped. My imac was working fine, I still saw that little arros in a grey fan shaped icon. But when I checked my ipod, I found that the wifi setting showed “no wifi". The whole row just got greyed out. I tried restoring firmware but couldn’t bring the function back to life. I went online and read many posts in various forums. It seems that it’s a known problem and many have experienced it and couldn’t get it solved by themselves either. One said he finally brought it back to Apple and got his money back.

Well, I don’t really want my money back. I do like using it. It’s actually a very useful gadget. So, I brought it back to Apple repair center. After checking it briefly, the lady said they will give me a replacement.But since I had engraving on the back of my ipod touch, the lady asked if I want to keep it…

“Yes, of course!"
“Then you’ll have to wait for 14 days. Is it ok?"
“14 days!"
“If you’re not keeping the engraving, then 4 days only."
“Oh… but why one takes 14 days and the other takes 4 days only?"
“Hmm… coz… we actually don’t open up your ipod to replace parts. If you want an ipod touch soon, then you may get one in 4 days but this one may come with some of the parts from the older version and some other parts being upgraded. However, if you want to keep the engraving, then we’ll have to order a brand new one for you. As the engraving is done manually. So, you’ll have to wait for 14 days."

Hohoho! A brand new one… hey! Didn’t apple just launch a new generation of ipod touch? According to past records, Apple usually launch new products when the older version has already run out of stock (at least in Apple’s own stock). So… does it mean that I may get the 2nd generation ipod?

I told a friend about it and she asked…

“Oh… how to break the wifi card in mine?"

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