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The bee can finally sleep.

I’ve been working like a bee that doesn’t sleep for a whole week. The Society held an inauguration ceremony this evening and I had a lot of work to do prior to this event. And when I say a lot of work, it’s really A LOT OF WORK. And I find myself, though taking the post of a part-time secretary, working as secretary, webmaster, designer…etc. It’s written in my contract that my workload should be around 18 hours per week – well, it’s been way over that in the last two months. Actually, I probably didn’t really spend over 18 hours per week in average but it’s only because I worked extremely efficiently – using 18 hours like 36 hours. People who know me should know that when I say I worked extremely efficiently, it’s really fast. So…really like a bee. (Well, to say a bee’s life sounds better than a dog’s life – a bee’s life is way shorter, which means the heavy workload and busy schedule is only temporary unlike a dog’s life can be much longer.)

Anyway, finally the inauguration ceremony was held successfully. We had a wonderful Chinese meal at the hotel where we held the ceremony. The room was fine; the servers there were very polite and helpful; dishes were good. The only complain I have is that the ceiling is too low that you can’t really read the bottom part of the powerpoint projected on the screen.

Now that it’s over, I can finally say goodbye to the bee’s life. Back to human life, I’m travelling to Taipei again enjoying life!

十一月 2008