Didn’t take taxi yesterday and saved the money to buy this app from Appstore: Momo
Yes, Momo. A funny name but a useful app. It’s a note taking app that comes with a calendar that user can choose by dates on calendar to find notes. User may also search by tags or words. It also syncs with the web-Momo. Extremely useful for me – I just can’t really find what I want from a long list of notes. I use notes apps for taking teaching notes and jotting reminders and that sort. Getting old – can’t remember what I taught last week and begin to find it hard to “resume" teaching content… And then I have various kinds of notes to write. It’s really a very long list of notes.

The built-in NOTES is just really simple. I like the Steno pad look but it doesn’t have any categorization function.
I’ve tried YOUNOTE. It’s better as I can sort by “titles" but I need things to be sorted in different ways e.g. date, name, title, category… so on.
I’ve tried Iconic Notes. It’s nice that I can assign icon to each note so that I can find the note I want a bit easier. But when more notes are created… I get the same problem of not being able to find the icon I’m looking for. I’m kinda disabled in this.
All the above apps are free – that’s why I’ve tried them and am still keeping them. Just put them in pages at the back.

So, pros and cons for Momo:
1) Sync with web momo (that works with Google mail/app) and the sync process is extremely smooth
2) May choose note by date from calendar
3) Tag system allows easy categorization and sorting
4) Password protection
5) Got an online user forum where users may post their suggestions. My experience is developers are quick in response. In fact, they’ve just completed one of the suggestions users have raised in the past few days.

1) Arbitrary date/time not yet supported (available in web version though and the developers said that they’ve begun working on it already)
2) It’s not free – costs USD4.99 (I am cheap. I want freebies.)
3) It’s still very new – about 1-2 week old – so there’re still rooms for improvement but I do see a lot of potentials.
4) No landscape typing yet though developers said that they’re working on it. It’s not really a big deal for me – I have thin fingers.