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Saw  another “free" iphone app through in Appsniper:


The best part, of course, is that it’s free though its original price is only USD1.99. Well, 1.99 is still a good price. I think it’s a must have for Mac users. To use it, Mac users also have to download “ACTprinter Mac" onto one’s own Mac. What it does is it adds a “print to iphone" option to “print" functions in applications. It is handy when you are currently working on the file you want to send to iphone. Then you don’t have to look for the file in Finder, then connect to iphone server, then drag and drop it and wait for it to crawl through wifi. The transfer on ACTprinter is pretty fast, btw. Haven’t got time to check how many file types it can handle but I’ve tried picture in mail and iwork Pages file. Both worked out fine.

How it is inferior to Air Sharing, Files etc. is:

1/no scroll bar – hard to read long docs

2/can’t drag and drop a large bunch of file at the same time

So, I’ll be keeping both Air Sharing and ACTprinter. Air Sharing has recently updated and added a scroll bar, which is very handy for scrolling through long files like ABRSM syllabus (100 pages long…).


Matilda International Hospital 明德國際醫院


明德國際醫院是醫療機構的領導者,擁有豐富根深蒂固的護理經驗,致力醫療科技的前端(1/請問是什麼醫療機構的領導者呢?公立的還是私立的?本港的還是全球的?英文是:"Matilda International Hospital (MIH) is a leading healthcare service provider " “leading provider"不是"leader"! 搞清楚好嗎?2/經驗是用根深蒂固來形容的嗎?3/站於XX科技的前端?科技有前端的嗎?如何站呢?改為"致力提供尖端的醫療科技"會好一點吧!)

Back then, if you wanna save money, the best way to do it is to lock yourself at home and you won’t spend a penny.
Now, thanks to the internet, spending really doesn’t require much effort. Key in a bunch of numbers plus a few clicks and there goes your money.
With iTunes store, it’s even faster and easier to spend. I don’t even need to key in too many things except my password, I am spending. With wifi on ipod touch/iphone, I don’t even need to get out of my bed to spend money through itunes app store!
Just a few hours ago, I woke up my ipod touch and tapped on the Appsniper icon… wow! There’s this Japanese-English dictionary (with hand-written kanzi search function) on sale. Its original price was USD19.99 but it is now FREE! Free for one day only as new year discount… oh! How can I miss it? Tap… tap… password… downloading and installing… Here it comes to my ipod touch! How easy it is!

You may have a taste of how good it is here:

I simply love spending on itunes store. Don’t worry… I’m not spending that much on it. I usually focus on free apps only except for the really useful ones. “I am cheap!" Everyone should learn this positive thinking statement.

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