Saw  another “free" iphone app through in Appsniper:


The best part, of course, is that it’s free though its original price is only USD1.99. Well, 1.99 is still a good price. I think it’s a must have for Mac users. To use it, Mac users also have to download “ACTprinter Mac" onto one’s own Mac. What it does is it adds a “print to iphone" option to “print" functions in applications. It is handy when you are currently working on the file you want to send to iphone. Then you don’t have to look for the file in Finder, then connect to iphone server, then drag and drop it and wait for it to crawl through wifi. The transfer on ACTprinter is pretty fast, btw. Haven’t got time to check how many file types it can handle but I’ve tried picture in mail and iwork Pages file. Both worked out fine.

How it is inferior to Air Sharing, Files etc. is:

1/no scroll bar – hard to read long docs

2/can’t drag and drop a large bunch of file at the same time

So, I’ll be keeping both Air Sharing and ACTprinter. Air Sharing has recently updated and added a scroll bar, which is very handy for scrolling through long files like ABRSM syllabus (100 pages long…).