Back then, if you wanna save money, the best way to do it is to lock yourself at home and you won’t spend a penny.
Now, thanks to the internet, spending really doesn’t require much effort. Key in a bunch of numbers plus a few clicks and there goes your money.
With iTunes store, it’s even faster and easier to spend. I don’t even need to key in too many things except my password, I am spending. With wifi on ipod touch/iphone, I don’t even need to get out of my bed to spend money through itunes app store!
Just a few hours ago, I woke up my ipod touch and tapped on the Appsniper icon… wow! There’s this Japanese-English dictionary (with hand-written kanzi search function) on sale. Its original price was USD19.99 but it is now FREE! Free for one day only as new year discount… oh! How can I miss it? Tap… tap… password… downloading and installing… Here it comes to my ipod touch! How easy it is!

You may have a taste of how good it is here:

I simply love spending on itunes store. Don’t worry… I’m not spending that much on it. I usually focus on free apps only except for the really useful ones. “I am cheap!" Everyone should learn this positive thinking statement.