Two weeks ago, a student’s mom called me and said her husband wants to stop their daughter’s piano lesson. I said, “ok, give me a call if you want to resume the lessons."

That’s just a “standard" response. I didn’t even ask her why. 

Two days ago, a lady called me when I was in lesson. I called her back later and turned out this lady is the neighbor of my another student. I met her at lift lobby around a year ago. She asked me something about piano lesson but I don’t remember what I told her. Anyway, she called me two days ago and asked if I have time to teach her daughter. She has been learning piano for some years and is doing quite good. In fact, her girl passed the grade 3 piano exam last year with distinction. But she wants to have teacher go to her place instead of sending her daughter to the studio, so she called me. 

And today I went to her place and had the very first lesson with her daughter – a lovely girl around 11-year-old I think. She’s quite talkative and I like talkative students. It’s hard to tell what the student is thinking if he/she doesn’t talk. She said I talk like her best friend’s sister. I think we can get along pretty well. 

A door is closed but another is opened… right in front of me. 

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.