Another day-off in the week and so I slept till almost 4pm. Sleep until the body naturally wakes up is just great!

After taking a lunchea (lunch+tea), I tidied up my bank statement files and cleared some bills, and filed up some company documents. My mom was exclaiming: So my daughter actually knows how to tidy things up! (I always knew… I actually like doing it – believe it or not – but I’m not always in the mood to do it. LOL)

After dinner, I spent most of the time on searching online for free plugins for my iMac. Some of the plugins are cool but they’re paid plugins. I am cheap and I don’t wanna pay for them, so… just leave them.
And I’ve also taken time to create another calendar called “to-do" in iCal. After trying out so many to-do apps on ipod and iMac, NONE could really satisfy my needs. At last, I’ve decided to create my own system to get things done.

And now it’s 3am… I think I can call it a day. Pray that I don’t cough that much tonight and may have a good sleep. In fact, I haven’t been coughing too much today – that’s a sign =)