Took ABRSM grade 8 in Singing on May 26: had never been so unsure about my own performance in an exam before. Singing in a sound-proof room is very different from singing in any other room. Everything sounded dry and nothing seemed right. And singing seems to be more tiring than doing other instruments (at least the instruments I do – probably not any worse than winds). I even got wrong in modulation (aural test C)… almost – corrected it right after giving my initial answer. Wasn’t sure what/how I did in Part D either.

Anyway, after waiting for six weeks, the result is finally here: I got merit with 126. Yay!

The program I chose for that day was:

Ridente la Calma by Mozart

Notre Amour by Faure

Love’s Philosophy by Quilter

Someone to Watch Over Me by Gershwin

with When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (to the music of The Water is Wide) as the traditional song.

The examiner that day was a singer herself. She majored in singing when she was in RCM (forgot from which part of UK). So, I feel kinda happier to get merit in this one than getting merit in my harp exam a few years back. The harp examiner was a pianist and obviously knew nothing about harp. I’m so sure coz I missed notes on one hand for like an octave in many scales (3-octave hands together) and still got it counted as correct.

Anyway, comments show that my “Italian pronunciation required more care" for the Mozart one and “diction needed more care" in Notre Amour. I speak a bit French but not so sure about how liaison works in singing – should have asked for help from my student’s mom who’s a native French. She also mentioned arm movements in two of the songs. Other than these, comments are generally positive.

General comments from the examiner: A pleasing “merit" at this challenging grade! I hope that you will continue to explore new songs and further develop those areas which stll need strengthening.

Oh! Certainly I will =P

So, I’ve now got grade 8 (or above) in Piano, Violin, Harp, Singing, and Theory. The next one should be guitar. Joseph, we needa work harder! LOL

P.S. Special thanks to my teacher, Roy, who tolerated my lack of punctuality; my cousin, Domanica, who took half day off to be my accompanist; my friend, Iris, who played the piano part for me during lessons (hey, it’s good sight-reading training LOL).