When Crocs first came out, I really, really hated it. It’s SO ugly. Plus… I have slim feet. The original crocs just don’t fit.

And finally Crocs’ got some “normal" design like about an year ago but I was still skeptical about the whole thing of wearing “plastic" shoes. Why on earth would I wanna spend several hundred HK dollars on a pair of plastic shoes?

Then, one day, my extremely picky (on shoes only) friend wore a pair of Crocs to church and told me that they were extremely comfortable.

Oh, really?

That was a rainy day and eventually I bought a pair of Crocs Olivia. I’ve already written on that.

After weeks of wearing that pair of Olivia, I must admit that they really worth the HKD2xx I paid. Extremely comfortable – in fact, the most comfy shoes in house now.  Btw, they don’t make feet smell. So, I guess Crocs is true about their material – it’s really not plastic, not rubber. They call it Croslite – a close cell resin (what is that?! I such in chemistry…)

A couple weeks ago, there was rumor that Crocs was filing bankruptcy and I thought, “oh! Then I should go get another pair of “normal" looking Crocs before they extinct!" Though Crocs soon clarified it, the thought of getting a second pair of Crocs never went away.

And so today, I went to Crocs with a friend who got a pair of pirate crocs. She had talked about getting a pair of genuine one for some time already. We went there and we both found our desired pair of Crocs but that would make HK$6xx only. 20% discount is offered if one buys over HK$800 on one bill. We were thinking maybe we could buy a pair for another friend and let her change the shoes next week if they wouldn’t fit. Suddenly a father came up to us from behind and asked, “are you two both buying a pair of crocs? Do you mind getting my pair of crocs (it’s for his daughter) into the bill as well and we all may enjoy 20% off?"

“Oh, that would be great! We don’t mind it at all!"

And so… I bought my second pair of Crocs, Lily LJ Plaid, with 20% off at HK$262.4.

lily LJ Plaid