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Ok… I’ve blogged before about E-tax, Firefox and Mac before. I was running on Leopard then. The E-tax thing worked alright with Firefox 2 on Leopard.

Now that I’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard, I still keep my Firefox 2 ’cause everyone knows that even though IRD says on their website that Firefox 3 is compatible, it is just NOT. But then I was trying to login to E-tax the other day, still with Firefox 2, it turned out… crashed.

It loaded the login page alright. So, the JVM environment check was passed. The problem was when I clicked on that green “login" button, it just crashed. It’s not even a “hang" (application not responding), it just crashed by itself. I tried with Firefox 3, the same JVM incompatible warning popped up. So… nothing works now.

I called IRD today and that lady told me to “try to work on another computer". I told her, “well, this is the only computer I have at home. You don’t suppose I’d buy another computer just to log into E-tax, don’t you? And tax is not supposed to be done on a public computer either, right? So… go tell your IT whatsoever colleagues to get this fixed, please! It doesn’t work on Macs. It doesn’t work on Windows that well either!"

Now I have to wait for the paper form. But I just remember I have one macbook at home that hasn’t been upgraded to Snow Leopard yet. I may try on that one!

Yes! 這本雜誌,由創刊就號稱是給年輕人看的雜誌。當年是各中小學的禁書,見書即收,主因是不屬於學校讀本,其次是其內容八卦,毫無學習意義…

時至今日,Yes! 依然存在,雖然整間雜誌社面目全非,但雜誌仍在發行中,仍然有Yes! card,依然有一大堆中小學生捧場。上週六剛好有學生帶了一本來上小提琴課,意圖以雜誌轉移我的注意力,等我少罵她一些,雖然奸計沒有得逞,依然讓我捉到錯音一大堆(傻瓜,聽都聽得出手勢錯在哪裏,要用眼看才知道麼?),但我確實用了少許時間拍了幾張照片,是這一期的內頁和底頁廣告 (警告:十八歲以下人士不宜):

Yes! 在封面,以至內頁不同地方,都標榜自己是"給年輕人看的雜誌",難度是指廣告除外?還是現在的年輕人真的很受這類廣告吸引?

Snow Leopard runs fast and seems too fast for some others to catch up, like HP.

I upgraded my iMac (bought in late 2006) to Snow Leopard. At first, I experienced some problems but everything has been going well after I clean installed it again.

I upgrade my mom’s Macbook to Snow Leopard as well. She first complained about Chinese input. Both of us used to use Open Vanilla for Chinese input. It worked really fine before upgrade but somehow, the “delete" became “(" after upgrade. I searched through the preference and system and such but couldn’t find a solution. Went to forums and found we’re certainly not the only two on the planet and no one has a solution for it. Then I installed Yahoo! Keykey for my iMac and tested it, proved it to be good and installed it on my mom’s Macbook.

So, one problem down. But she also experienced the beach ball problem like I did, so I also clean installed Snow Leopard on her Macbook again.

Problem #2 down. Then she brought the Macbook back to work.

Then came problem #3: where’s the network printer? The first day there’s simply no printer show up in network. Took the IT guy in office a lot of time to make it show up on list. But after it shows up, the Macbook still couldn’t make it print. It’s always busy, somehow, even though no one in the network is printing anything with it.

So mom took it back and asked me to fix it. (No, I’m not employed by Apple but I’m now very often the Mac help desk person among my friends.) It turned out HP hasn’t got all drivers ready for Snow Leopard yet. And even with drivers available now, the network printing problem is not solved yet. Snow Leopard was released on Aug 26. A claimed to be HP person (wisely) started a FAQ thread in Apple forum on Aug 28. Since then, it has now got over 570 replies (40 pages) all of which are complains of not being able to make their HP printer work.

Honestly, I did successfully manage to make my own HP printer at home to work properly. It can print, scan and copy – no problem at all! But it’s connected directly to my iMac through USB.  Since the HP printer at home is not a wireless one, my mom can only print wirelessly at home through my iMac, not sending instructions directly to the printer. This works like a charm at home. Took me like only a second or two to set it up.

But at mom’s office, things are just totally different. Sigh… What to do then?

So, mom asked me to downgrade her Macbook and let it fall back to Leopard. So I backed up with Time Machine, zeroed out the disk, popped in the Leopard install disk… “cannot install OS X on this computer" WHAT?

Then I remember this Macbook came in Leopard, not Tiger. It didn’t require an install disk but it has its own recovery disk (or something like that). But with the hard disk being zeroed out, I couldn’t just press “eject" and eject the Leopard disk already inside the Cd slot. I had to hook it up to my iMac with a Firewire cable and boot it up as target disk, then eject the disk and switch it off … then on again.

Popped in the recovery disk… “cannot install OS X on this computer" WHAT DA …?!

In the end… I told my mom, “Mom, you needa print things? There are two solutions: 1)There’s a spare HP Inkjet in your room. Bring it back to office and connect it to your Macbook via USB; 2)Print your stuffs at home."

I got her Macbook back on Snow Leopard at last… not without some scary moments, like… settings were not migrated after using Migration Assistant; the Macbook turned black when I was looking into Time Machine, even the white light in the front was gone (nearly had a heart attack…again).

But still… I don’t see myself going back to the Windows world. I’ve just seen the Windows 7 in church got BSOD yesterday during service. Yes, DURING SERVICE when it was playing sermon PPT slides, it just went dead and self-reboot AND got BSOD AGAIN during  reboot.  So, no. I’m not going back… especially when I have the iPhone now.

So I’ve bought Snow Leopard. It took dayssss to arrive at my door but that’s fine.

I was lazy and so I just popped in that DVD and installed right on top of Leopard in my iMac. The installation completed successfully – so it seemed. Everything was in its own place and nothing’s lost. But then… as I began to use the new OS, things turned bad. The beach ball appeared VERY frequently. When I say VERY  frequently, it means it appeared almost right after any two clicks on whatever buttons on the screen. It appeared whenever I opened an app. It just appeared ALL THE TIME!

And then I did time machine backup right after upgrading to Snow Leopard. As time machine was working, I went take a shower. When I came back, the screen was asleep (which is normal). The abnormal was … when I moved the mouse, then punched the keys, then moved the mouse again… the screen just wouldn’t wake up! It took at least 3 minutes to wake up at last.

Then I was sure something’s really wrong. The Snow Leopard is supposed to be running faster!

So… I backup again just to find out that my external hard disk dropped dead for no reason (ok, it’s been giving some weird noise but I  ignored it. It finally gave up at the moment I needed it most >_<!). I had to get another HD (luckily there’s another one at home) and did a live partitioning and used the new part as my time machine.

After backup, I zeroed out my own iMac before making a clean install of Snow Leopard. Backup + zero out + install + migrate took me a total of 3.5 hours. (But with the initial installation plus backup plus partitioning… that costed me an extra 2 hours or so…)

Then last night came iTunes 9. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about the upgrade. I remember the upgrade last time to iTunes 8 did give me some trouble. But anyway, I upgraded to 9 because the new features are too attractive. With iTunes 9 came also the new iphone firmware 3.1. I  was also a bit skeptical about this. To be frank, there are always risks in doing upgrades. But I did it as well… it’s needed for the new features in iTunes 9. The upgrade went pretty smoothly… at first. Then when I synced my iphone, everything went through but it gave me an error message at the end of sync saying:

“the iphone… cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (13019)"

What the heck is that? I googled it and turned out to be a common error. It’s easy to fix: just uncheck the “sync music" box and sync to remove all the songs in iphone. Then sync one more time to put all the music back in iphone. Then it’s fixed.

So I did three upgrades during the past week. Nothing went too wrong. Everything’s running fine now!



事發經過:一家四口上車,一名大概是小學四年級生的女孩打橫張開雙臂,想霸佔位一排四個位讓同行家人坐下,一名中年戴眼鏡男子剛好坐下,坐下時撞到女孩。女孩的父親認為男子撞開其女兒,有冒犯或非禮之嫌,氣忿不已,質問男子。男子辯稱沒有撞到女孩,父親立時情緒激動,揮動手上游泳時耍玩用的發泡膠條(直徑約五吋)拍打男子的面部,並恐嚇該男子:“見你有返咁上下年紀咋,你後生D,我一拳打爆你個嘴。"男子有道歉,但該名父親繼續開罵,男子威脅報警,並詢問坐在對面的老先生是否願意作証,老先生即時回應:算啦… 該父親聽後立即繼續指責中年男子冒犯其女兒,一名目擊事件後段(從父親質問男子開始)之經過的女子立即向該父親指出,保護女兒是正確的,但若真覺得女兒受冒犯,應即時報警處理,而非打人,更不應在子女面前打人;繼而指出該男子若有撞到人,應即時道歉。男子指已道歉,反問女子是否看到該女童上車時之行為,並指女童張開雙臂霸佔座位。女子及女童母親皆指男子應出聲請女童讓開,而非撞開。女子繼而指出女童不應霸佔座位… 坐在對面的老先生即時語帶怒氣說:"根本就係爭位坐!"此時列車將到石門站,女子的母親剛好來電,女子在電話中把事情完整覆述了一遍,覆述過程中,一家四口以及男子皆沒有作聲,然後女子為匯合母親而下車,老先生及其伴侶亦雙雙下車…








蘋果公司昨向各大傳媒發出電郵邀請函,但未透露將在大會上推出哪些新產品。不過邀請函有iPod跳舞的剪影,並配以來自滾石樂隊歌曲的一句口號「It’s only rock and roll, but we like it」,令業界相信焦點將在iPod升級版之上。外界也關注請病假5個月接受肝臟移植手術、 於6月復工的總裁喬布斯(Steve Jobs),會否復出亮相介紹新產品。


9月幾乎總是蘋果發布新iPod產品的時間。2005年是iPod nano,2007年是iPod touch。業界預期今次蘋果或將推出帶有數碼照片拍攝鏡頭的升級版iPod nano和iPod touch,新iPod touch更可能加裝一個視像攝錄鏡頭。不過消息人士指外界一直盛傳推出的iTablet平板電腦,在今次發布會現身的可能性不大。另外,9月9日也是全球樂迷期待已久的披頭四(Beatles)曲目加入iTunes的日期,而虛擬樂器Fab Four製作的樂曲,亦已確定會在當天搭配電玩遊戲Rock Band正式發表,名為「The Beatles﹕Rock Band」。




我一看到已即時上itunes store找,找完香港店,再找美國店,都沒看到這個叫"iexplode"的App。上Reuters路透社的網站找,也沒有找到相關的報導!(又說來源是路透社?!)法新社AFP的不能找,要錢買新聞的。再google “iexplode",一看之下,嚇了一大跳:

原來這篇報導的來源,是一個叫 Ridiculopathy News (Satire) 的"新聞"網站,在google search result裏,還好心地在後面加上了 (Satire) 字樣,提醒大家:"我是惡搞新聞網!" Homepage也加上"Similarities with the material presented here and actual news is purely accidental. Take it seriously at your own risk."



Congratulations, this story was picked up by Chinese news media as real news and published on news sites.


我每天都上網看明報,而且是付費討閱了明報網上版的。如果我有心的話,應該每天都可以寫一篇有關明報錯誤的blog,但明白報館編採時間實在緊逼,忙中有錯亦可以理解,所以如果是白字,或者無端出現如"李X成功" (即人名是李X成,但因為成的關聯詞是成功,於是變成李X成功),我都當看不見就算了,但把惡搞新聞當真的來登,實在…


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