So I’ve bought Snow Leopard. It took dayssss to arrive at my door but that’s fine.

I was lazy and so I just popped in that DVD and installed right on top of Leopard in my iMac. The installation completed successfully – so it seemed. Everything was in its own place and nothing’s lost. But then… as I began to use the new OS, things turned bad. The beach ball appeared VERY frequently. When I say VERY  frequently, it means it appeared almost right after any two clicks on whatever buttons on the screen. It appeared whenever I opened an app. It just appeared ALL THE TIME!

And then I did time machine backup right after upgrading to Snow Leopard. As time machine was working, I went take a shower. When I came back, the screen was asleep (which is normal). The abnormal was … when I moved the mouse, then punched the keys, then moved the mouse again… the screen just wouldn’t wake up! It took at least 3 minutes to wake up at last.

Then I was sure something’s really wrong. The Snow Leopard is supposed to be running faster!

So… I backup again just to find out that my external hard disk dropped dead for no reason (ok, it’s been giving some weird noise but I  ignored it. It finally gave up at the moment I needed it most >_<!). I had to get another HD (luckily there’s another one at home) and did a live partitioning and used the new part as my time machine.

After backup, I zeroed out my own iMac before making a clean install of Snow Leopard. Backup + zero out + install + migrate took me a total of 3.5 hours. (But with the initial installation plus backup plus partitioning… that costed me an extra 2 hours or so…)

Then last night came iTunes 9. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about the upgrade. I remember the upgrade last time to iTunes 8 did give me some trouble. But anyway, I upgraded to 9 because the new features are too attractive. With iTunes 9 came also the new iphone firmware 3.1. I  was also a bit skeptical about this. To be frank, there are always risks in doing upgrades. But I did it as well… it’s needed for the new features in iTunes 9. The upgrade went pretty smoothly… at first. Then when I synced my iphone, everything went through but it gave me an error message at the end of sync saying:

“the iphone… cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (13019)"

What the heck is that? I googled it and turned out to be a common error. It’s easy to fix: just uncheck the “sync music" box and sync to remove all the songs in iphone. Then sync one more time to put all the music back in iphone. Then it’s fixed.

So I did three upgrades during the past week. Nothing went too wrong. Everything’s running fine now!