Ok… I’ve blogged before about E-tax, Firefox and Mac before. I was running on Leopard then. The E-tax thing worked alright with Firefox 2 on Leopard.

Now that I’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard, I still keep my Firefox 2 ’cause everyone knows that even though IRD says on their website that Firefox 3 is compatible, it is just NOT. But then I was trying to login to E-tax the other day, still with Firefox 2, it turned out… crashed.

It loaded the login page alright. So, the JVM environment check was passed. The problem was when I clicked on that green “login" button, it just crashed. It’s not even a “hang" (application not responding), it just crashed by itself. I tried with Firefox 3, the same JVM incompatible warning popped up. So… nothing works now.

I called IRD today and that lady told me to “try to work on another computer". I told her, “well, this is the only computer I have at home. You don’t suppose I’d buy another computer just to log into E-tax, don’t you? And tax is not supposed to be done on a public computer either, right? So… go tell your IT whatsoever colleagues to get this fixed, please! It doesn’t work on Macs. It doesn’t work on Windows that well either!"

Now I have to wait for the paper form. But I just remember I have one macbook at home that hasn’t been upgraded to Snow Leopard yet. I may try on that one!