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How can plastic box be environmental friendly?

1) It can be reused;

2) You WANT to reuse it.

I’m talking about this little plastic box from Hung Fook Tong:

I bought these two little boxes of snacks at $21 for two. It may sound a bit pricey but then it’s actually just about the same price at 優之良品. Let’s take a closer look at the box:

See the two small tabs there? You may think it’s for lifting the lid but no, they’re not for that…

They’re for pulling off the seal and this seal is the only non-reusable part of the box. If someone can think of how to reuse it, let me know.

Here comes the part that makes me think: I MUST reuse this box –

No, not the label… See the stripe near at the edge on the right?

It’s a drawer for holding picks. Those two nice picks can be reused if you use them carefully and wash them afterwards.

Now I just hope that they’d take one more step and re-design the bottle for their drinks. It doesn’t have to be a bottle, I mean. HFT can collect 龜靈膏boxes because these boxes are like bowls, which means they can be cleaned and sterilized easier. Bottles are not. Think about it… even if they do reuse plastic bottles – collect them, sterilize them, reuse them… do you wanna drink from it? I don’t.

十二月 2009