Maybe even the best is not good enough to some people’s ears…

The choir members did their best this morning to offer the best they could in service. I believe so.

We joked that there were fourteen of us in the choir and there were fourteen parts. It’s true but still I believe all of us have done our parts the best we could.

Someone asked why we didn’t have a pianist and used synthetic music as accompaniment instead – because we couldn’t find a pianist. “You can play the piano part." – I have to sing.

“It makes no difference if they don’t sing." (佢地唱唔唱都冇分別 – the speaker actually meant it’s better than they don’t sing.)

The same person said to me after I played the violin in church, “it sounded awful".

The second time I played the violin in service, this same person said “you played so many wrong notes. It’s sounded so bad." (Oh well, it was my own arrangement. Ain’t I supposed to have the final say on what notes to play?)

The third time I needed to play the violin in service… I simply avoided this person. I didn’t want to give this person a chance to say something that ought not be said. Music in church is an offering to God. It’s NEVER a performance to please man.

Maybe even the best is not good enough to some people’s ears… but thank God that He doesn’t see us this way.