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[UPDATE: NOT on LION either.]

I wrote last year that we can use e-tax on Mac with Firefox 2. Just an update: NOT ANYMORE IF you’re using  SNOW LEOPARD!

Right, you heard me… NOT ON SNOW LEOPARD.

I got to say that I haven’t tried it for a couple months (who’d keep trying out e-tax everyday?). Anyway, I tried to access e-tax after getting an email from IRD and I’d already installed Snow Leopard already but still kept my Firefox 2. So I accessed it with Firefox 2 but it either failed to open the login page or it crashed as I clicked the login button.

I called IRD and this lady gave me the following advice:

It’s better to use hardcopy.

Got it! I’m switching to hardcopy. All you need to do is to write a letter stating clearly your identity card number and request for cancellation of e-tax account plus switching to hardcopy from now on. The letter should be sent to…

Inland Revenue Tower

5 Gloucester Road, Waichai

Hong Kong

Attn.: Taxation Officer

Everyone who’s using Mac and has no access to PC… switch to hardcopy. I know it’s not environmental friendly but… face the reality: our freaking stupid government is doing nothing to protect the environment. Donald thought he is promoting energy saving bulb but in the end of the day, all our government thinks of or cares about is making money… no matter how.

Have been using the Magic Mouse for over a month. I love it very much until very recently…

The default functions come with Magic Mouse are very limited… Well, let’s say it still has everything a mouse should have but then it’s nothing really magic. That’s a major drawback.

But a friend recommended BTT (BetterTouchTool) to me and that really makes MAGIC! The Magic Mouse can do so much more with BTT. There’re many more gestures to be used on the mouse now, e.g., pinch in / out, x finger tap (x can be anything from 1-4), x finger click, x finger swipe up/down/left/right… so on. Each gesture can be assigned to a certain command that works globally or app specifically. I dare to say BTT is the indispensable companion to Magic Mouse.

Now… how did I say I love my Magic Mouse until very recently? Well, I still love my Magic Mouse but temperature has dropped recently. The Observatory has even issued Cold Weather Warning. Ok… it’s not really that cold… we’re still way above zero at around 12C. The problem is… except the top surface, the entire mouse is covered by aluminum. And aluminum is very a good conductor… especially for coldness. My hand is not that big but not small enough to have all my fingers rest on the top surface of the mouse all the time. And if I have to move the mouse, it’s inevitable to touch that icy cold side surface of the mouse.

It’s really icy cold…

So, I’m wearing a glove on my right hand… It’s good that I have really slim fingers. So, even with gloves on, no fat finger syndrome problem 😛

Conclusion: Magic Mouse with BTT makes MAGIC!

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