I used to use Safari on Mac. Occasionally I’d use Firefox but since it isn’t any faster than Safari and its latest version doesn’t work with HKToolbar, Firefox is mostly idle on my Mac.

I used read news on Mingpao.com. I’d been a subscriber for years – probably among the first subscribers as Mingpao launched its online service. However, Mingpao is getting more and more  disappointing in both its contents and its reporting approach. I finally did not renew my subscription this year.

Then Chrome came along. After beta1, 2, 3… I eventually got beta 4 which was pretty neat. Now using beta 5, I have to say it’s way better than Safari. (Though individual experience does vary. I’ve got friends who find Safari running smoother on their Macs.)

How about reading news online then? There’s this extension called “Feedly" that I find extremely handy and beautiful as well:

And I find myself spending hours on reading various kinds of news… Sometimes I wonder why I’m reading that many news but I’m having fun in it.