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My first purchase: wifi Internet access at Istanbul airport. How can I not love HKG airport?

Shocks before and during flight: 1. Couldn’t find my ID card in wallet on airport bus but latere found it in my cardholder; 2. Left my ring in the toilet on plane and couldn’t find it anymore 5 mins later. Thought it’s gone forever but a passenger picked it up and it’s back on my finger now.

Shock after the flight: ok, I did check FIFA and BBC at 10:00-10:30pm last night before I board the plane. So, I did read it ‘live’ that Klose scored at 20 mins. I knew the chance for England to go through is thin and I’m not a fan for England team. But 4:1! That sounds pretty lame. WTH were they doing?

One thing to love Istanbul airport: though wifi is not free, shops are opened very early. At 5:30am, the Duty Free is opened for shopping already. Even Burberry is opened…

I remember I learned this word when I was in primary school. I believe it is still included in the vocal list for primary school students. The word is:


Our government may better spend our tax money on replacing plates like this instead of spending them on making and hanging up banners for the ‘Anchors aweigh’ slogan:

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