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Call me an Apple fan. I don’t care. Ah… in fact, I do. I proudly admit that I am. LOL
So I registered online with Smartone on July 30 at around 8:30pm. Pretty late, I know. Anyways, I registered with Smartone not PCCW, my current carrier, coz PCCW network just sucks. Some of my friends find it ok but in areas I usually work in, I very often get “no service". Not 1 bar but “no service".
So I got a SMS from Smartone telling me to collect my iPhone 4 between Aug 22-24. The last three weeks was a trial of patience. Trust me. If not, just go around and ask anyone who’s waiting for an iPhone 4. I was thrilled. I got everything ready: ID card checked, Address verification document in the bag and a heart filled with excitement.
Aug 22, 1:40pm, I arrived at Smartone and got a ticket. I was told that they’re very busy and the waiting time was estimated to be 40 minutes. So I left Smartone and went bought myself a quick lunch and bought bread for home. I returned to Smartone about 40 minutes later and found out there’re another 10 tickets to wait for. Soon after, a lady was yelling at a poor Smartone staff saying that she’s waited for 50 minutes. She said she wanted to write a complain letter. Everyone in the shop was like… we’re all waiting. Shut up!
At about 3:20pm, I finally left Smartone with my new iPhone 4.
3:45pm, I was home. I was filled with joy. I took out the new iPhone 4 from the bag and … “Argh~~~~~~~~~~~~"

Right… I freaking DROPPED my phone! I’m so sorry, baby =_(

But this little baby has proved to be strong and healthy. Smartone service won’t be up till Aug 24 afternoon. But how can I resist showing my baby (to) the world? I took the old PCCW sim card out from the 3GS and…

… I cut the old sim card into the size of a mini sim card. And it worked! My iPhone 4 is up and running with a self-made mini sim card now! Hohoho…

八月 2010