I bought a pair of black high heels from Marks & Spencer last Monday night. A very comfy pair of high heels.

So I wore them on Tuesday. I live on the first floor so I can just open my door, then the fire door and another door, then I’ll be standing outside of the building and the top of a 1.5-storey-tall staircase. I left home with a bag on my left shoulder and carried my iPad under arm. I walked down the stairs and… ouch! I slipped down the stairs. I think I slipped down like 8 steps or so. Naturally, the iPad slipped (or flew?) down the stairs as well. I got two short but wide, deep scratches on my right elbow (my shirt was not torn though) and hurt the end of my spine. (Don’t worry. I could get up and walk a few minutes after the accident. And now, five days from the accident, it doesn’t hurt anymore when I sit.)

And there I saw my iPad laying on the hard brick ground. Oh my! I immediately…

flipped open the iPad case and pressed the Home button. Thank God! My lovely iPad lit up and the  unlock screen displayed properly. There’s no cracks, not even a scratch, on the screen.

So I thought everything was fine.

In fact, I used it daily as usual after the accident. My mom played it every night as usual after the accident. Nothing wrong with the iPad. It still couldn’t automatically connect to the wifi network in one of my students’ place while having no problems in other places. I didn’t notice anything wrong. Neither did my mom.

Saturday morning, I went to studio at 9 am as usual. The 9am student was late. I pulled out my iPad and suddenly saw a slightly grey mark on one corner.

Then the second student came at 10:15am punctual. And this girl noticed a triangular mark on one of the corner of my iPad…

After the lesson, I took the iPad out of its case and saw something horrible to the pessimists or miraculous to the optimists…

First of all, let me show you what a normal nice corner of an iPad should look like:

The silver pad on the right is my Magic Trackpad. Just to give you something as reference.

Now the corner of the grey mark:

It looks really mild here. Notice this corner is not as rounded as the one in the last picture. And notice the screen protection sticker is curling up. It’s not due to poor craftsmanship  but because that corner actually dented and pushed inward so much that the corner there is no longer flat… 😦

How about the corner with the triangular mark? When I saw it, I dropped my jaw:

The corner dented. The aluminum part got pushed it so much that  I’m not sure where that black rubber lining actually is now. When I touch it, I can feel that the glass has somehow subsided. From the screen protection sticker, we can tell where the parameter of the glass is supposed to be. Now, it’s as if a tiny part of that corner is melted or something. Still, there is no sign of cracks or whatsoever on the glass there. Amazing!

I’m so sorry, iPad! I should have protected you better. But I’m so proud of you that you didn’t just crack! (Thank God!) You’re so strong that you held yourself up against such a violent attack. Now I am really proud to recommend you to everyone. You are magically durable!