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iOS 4.3 beta has expired. Both my iPhone and iPad showed “plug to iTunes" screen this morning. But don’t worry! Just follow these steps:

  1. Download iOS 4.3 from Apple (iPhone 4, iPad) – save it somewhere convenient e.g. desktop
  2. After downloading iOS 4.3, plug your phone to iTunes
  3. Hold Option on Mac (or Shift on PC) and click “Check for update", open the iOS you’ve just downloaded. (remember to choose the right one for the right device if you have both iPhone & iPad)
  4. Just let it run…


When I got my 3G iPad, I subscribed to Smartone Vodafone’s tag-on data plan (i.e. sharing the same data limit with iPhone) at an extra HK$100/30 days. At one point, I thought about jailbreaking my iPhone so that I may use the iPhone as a personal hotspot but at the end I was too lazy to do so.

But behold, iOS 4.3 enables the iPhone as a personal hotspot!

You may think, “hey, it’s still in beta!"

Well, it turns out that it’s easier to install this beta than jailbreaking the iPhone. All you need to do is:

1) go to and download iOS 4.3 beta 2 for iPhone (according to the model you have), save the file to a convenient place e.g. Desktop (it’s a 600+mb file, i.e. it may take LONG to download the whole file);

2) connect your iPhone to iTunes and back up;

3) hold “Option" (“Shift" on PC)  and click “Check for update" in iTunes (with your iPhone connected);

4) choose the file you downloaded in step 1 and press “open" (or “OK" or… I don’t remember. You know… just don’t press cancel);

5) go get a cup of coffee, read newspaper, take a shower… whatsoever… for like 20 minutes or so;

6) It’s done.

It actually runs like a normal update. After the update, you’ll able to turn your iPhone into a personal hotspot by going to Settings > Personal Hotspot. You can set your own network password there.

I’m going to SMV to cancel my iPad data plan. I may pass my 3G iPad to my dad – he has been saying that he wanted to switch his wifi iPad to a 3G one. He’s also been saying that he plans to buy an iPhone. Dad, just be patient, please…! iPhone 5 is coming… and I may pass you my iPhone 4.

Sooner or later, my dad may want a Mac. Who knows.

P.S. Those who want multitasking multi-touch gesture on iPad (e.g. swipe 5 fingers upwards to bring up multi-task menubar, pinch in with 5 fingers to go to Home Screen… etc) should NOT install beta 2 but should install beta 1 instead. However, installing beta 1 is a lot more cumbersome. Watch tutorial on youtube. Well, those gestures are still there in beta 2 but they’re hidden. You’ll need a developer account number to get into Xcode and modify some codes to bring them back. That’s why my student, who’s an app developer, will bring her MBA to lesson and activate it for me. 😛

一月 2011