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On bus. The lady next to me had a white iPhone in hand and a non-smartphone Nokia on her bag, busily calling out contacts from her Nokia then entering them manually into her obviously new iPhone.
I’m glad that I started using PDA in pre-mobile era. My first PDA was a Sharp PDA. I don’t even remember if it syncs with computer. Most likely not. I’m not sure if Palm has landed HK yet.
Then came Palm. My first Palm was probably a m100 passed to me from my uncle. Then I stick with Palm as their pretty loyal user for years. My last Palm was Zire72.
Then Palm One was no more.
I started using Symbian phones. I loved Nokia phones. They are very durable. I used it along with Palm. I entrusted then with all my info.
In 2006, as my Windows PC kept failing to boot up and I got sick of the numerous problems I had had with it, I decided that it’s time to convert. I bought my first iMac, which is still serving my mom faithfully. The next year I got a free iPod Touch when I bought a MacBook with back to school program.
That changed everything.
I resisted the first iPhone and even iPhone 3G. Finally bought my first iPhone (3GS) in 2009.
That changed everything again.

五月 2011