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In the end, the occurrence  of locusts is not the locusts’ fault. Locust is not a special species born in  one particular place. In fact, they exist everywhere. The things they consumer maybe different, though. The question is actually not the occurrence of locusts but “why did they become locusts?" It is due to the anxiety towards the present and the future of where one is in. The fear for what may come drives one to do whatever he/she can to grab whatever he/she can grab now. For if they don’t grab it now, they may lose even the only bit in their hands tomorrow. All this is not the fault of the locusts. The real fault lies in the one up there who made the locusts unrest. If the future is bright and home is nice, who would run away? If not being anxious about tomorrow, who would leave their children to their neighbors? If food at home is edible, who would take food from their neighbors? What we should go against, therefore, is not the locusts. It is not the core of the problem.

What we should go against, is the origin of unfairness, unjustness, and unrest.

Besides, if the doorkeeper did not open the door, how could one go through the door and leave the house? Some Mr. Lam said earlier that the population policy of the government has succeeded. Yes, indeed. But which government? Politics, economics and livelihood: none of these is in our hands. We can only say that we still have judicial independence. However, one Prof. Kong, who claimed himself to be a descendant of the Confucius, publicly showed his loathing of law. In his video, which was aired on an internet video station owned by a national company, animal was not the main character but his loathing of law. Why did locusts come? Is this time, this circumstance the best living condition for locusts? Locust is not the main character. Are we still going against them? This is irrelevant.

What we should go against, is the origin of unfairness, unjustness, and unrest.

Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper. (Jeremiah 29:7)

I have never understood this verse better before.

二月 2012