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I used to use Safari on Mac. Occasionally I’d use Firefox but since it isn’t any faster than Safari and its latest version doesn’t work with HKToolbar, Firefox is mostly idle on my Mac.

I used read news on I’d been a subscriber for years – probably among the first subscribers as Mingpao launched its online service. However, Mingpao is getting more and more  disappointing in both its contents and its reporting approach. I finally did not renew my subscription this year.

Then Chrome came along. After beta1, 2, 3… I eventually got beta 4 which was pretty neat. Now using beta 5, I have to say it’s way better than Safari. (Though individual experience does vary. I’ve got friends who find Safari running smoother on their Macs.)

How about reading news online then? There’s this extension called “Feedly" that I find extremely handy and beautiful as well:

And I find myself spending hours on reading various kinds of news… Sometimes I wonder why I’m reading that many news but I’m having fun in it.

Yes, I’ve finally bought the game – on sale now: only USD0.99! Simply can’t resist it.

I basically enjoy playing most time-management games. I’ve got Sally’s Salon; I’ve got Sally’s Spa; Now I have Supermarket Mania! All bought at the price USD 0.99! Great deal!

Supermarket Mania… well, after playing Sally’s Salon and Sally’s Spa, I managed to get Excellent (there’re two ranks: Day Completed or Excellent – obviously Excellent requires more “skills") in all levels except one: 5-7 Customers Waiting. It took me like two days or three playing through it for I-don’t-remember-how-many times, and still just couldn’t get it! Then I googled it and found someone suggesting one pretty silly and time consuming method but it worked!

So, what’s game about? It’s basically about being a shop keeper. The job is to 1) keep shelves full. If it runs out of stock, customers will only wait for a limited time then they’ll leave the shop; 2) pick up garbages made by teenagers who love throwing things off the shelves – you can stop them by touching the shop guard. If a customer gets tripped over by a garbage, he/she will leave the shop ; 3) catch thieves – touch the guard when the icon above the thieves is shaking then the thieves will pay for it.

There’s a bonus function that will make all customers in the shop go clear the shelves like crazy. It’s available in most levels, but not all. When it’s there, it certainly helps reaching the Excellent requirement.

That’s it! Simple and straight forward.

The problem about level 5-7 is there’s no bonus function there. There’re three thieves and I managed to catch them all. Still, the best I could get was around $2130 but I need $2300 to meet Excellent. So, I followed that rather stupid trick found in a game forum and yet still couldn’t get it.

Ok, the trick is this: Don’t stop the teenagers from throwing things of the shelves. Each garbage worths $1. Let them run around but make sure no customer gets tripped over. In the end, one teenager will stay behind after the shop is closed. He will keep throwing things around and you just keep picking up the garbages. He will keep throwing and throwing… you just keep picking things up.

I tried it quite a number of times but that teenager doesn’t always stay behind! Eventually, there was this time that he’s finally staying behind but then he doesn’t throw things around long enough to let me earn enough money. Then several trials later, I finally have this boy stays behind like forever! I started picking garbage up from somewhere around $1870. And I just keep picking up all the way till it goes up to around $2250. $2250-$1870=$380! Which means… I’ve made 380+ touches to pick up all the garbages (putting the garbages into the bin requires one more touch)! It must have taken like 5 minutes just for picking the garbages!

It was a painful process… but hey, now I’ve got Excellent in all levels! LOL






“李振潘"…實在十分礙耳,正想完成手上的工作後,就寫email給商台投訴,不過,那段宣傳聲帶完了之後,緊接就是林曉峰的節目,阿Lo一開口就說: “李振’凡’…李小龍原名李振’凡’呀!"


The most common thing you can find in Yahoo! Knowledge+ is stupid question. Some questions are just so nonsense that you can’t help laughing at it. 

I’ve seen many questions asking for medical diagnosis and at the same ask those who answer not to tell him/her to go see a doctor. 

When I have time, I usually do answer like this: “If Yahoo! Knowledge+ may give you an accurate diagnosis, why do we need any doctor in the world? They should all be jobless." 

Then you may also find many questions asking about some extremely easy to find answers, like syllabus of public exams, tuition fee of university, etc. 

And loads of questions that query about Christianity. Some of them ask those questions because they think there’s no answer to it and thus by asking the question, he/she may prove that Christianity is but a hoax. Oh, well… 

Though I have to be fair, some are asking questions there as they really did try to find the answer somewhere else but couldn’t get any help from those places. 

I just know one thing: when I need to search for answers on the internet, I would avoid taking answers from Yahoo! Knowledge+. Those who have been there know how unreliable the so called “best answers" are. Sometimes, the inquirer simply don’t know which one really is the best answer, though there is a correct one provided. 

To me, reading and answering those questions is more like an entertainment =P

When was the last time I saw a movie in a theatre? I don’t quite remember. Was it Ratatouille? 

I finally stepped in a theatre again this afternoon and saw Kung Fu Panda. A friend bought the tickets for the three of us and I didn’t know that she’s bought the Chinese version. I wanted to see the English original, but the Chinese version was actually not bad at all. A few lines at the very beginning sounded odd but after that, it’s pretty fine. 

The plot is very very simple. A bunch of innocent civilians and a good kung-fu master with his several good kung-fu students VS a bad former kung-fu student (and adopted son) of the master. Obviously, the good ones win and the bad one goes to hell. Oh well, a good guy died as well but that’s because it’s time for him to go to “heaven". Me and my friend laughed so hard when this good guy, actually a turtle, transcended into the sky in a bunch of peach-blossom petals. The friend who bought the tickets said she fell asleep when the master tried to persuade the panda to stay at the monastery. Well, yes, that’s a scene without much action but it’s fine with me. It’d be dull if the whole thing just goes on kung-fu fighting all the time. 

$65 for the ticket is a bit expensive but well, had some good laughters. I am shallow – all I wanna see in a theatre is just something that doesn’t require too much thinking and makes me laugh. And that’s exactly what Kung-fu Panda is.

七月 2020


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