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Two days ago, my dad called me from China and said his iPad got stuck at the Apple logo screen; just two hours ago, my friend MSN me and said her iphone bricked. Months ago, my iPad kinda bricked as well. With more and more people using iPod/iPhone/iPad, the more frequent I have people asking me how to revive a bricked device. Two things:

1) If your iOS device (iPod/iPhone/iPad) got stuck with blank screen, long hold sleep + home button until you see the apple logo reappears (it may take up to 20 secs. Be patient!). Usually this will solve whatever problem you’re having. I’d personally suggest you to close all apps after your iPod/iPhone/iPad revives – double click home button, long press an icon in multitask menubar until the icons wriggle, close each icon with the red “minus" sign. Then reboot.

2) If the iPod/iPhone/iPad got stuck with the Apple logo like my dad’s iPad did, follow the steps here:

If neither of the above cures your iOS device, take it back to Apple.

Btw, these advices are for non-jailbroken devices. Jailbroken devices may need some other procedures and you should look further elsewhere.

My personal guess on why our devices bricked themselves is that our devices simply run out of memory. In  most cases I’ve seen, the bricked devices got 20+ apps sitting in the menubar. I know Steve Jobs said users don’t have to care about how the device manage memory and apps and such, but the fact is the devices, even iOS devices, do suffer from having too many apps opened at the same time. For most apps that crash often, the main reason and the most common reason is memory shortage. It’s almost always the case.

So, to help ourselves, make it a habit to kill apps in multitask menubar every now and then. Reboot the device every now and then. This should help to keep our beloved iPod/iPhone/iPad in good shape.


iOS 4.3 beta has expired. Both my iPhone and iPad showed “plug to iTunes" screen this morning. But don’t worry! Just follow these steps:

  1. Download iOS 4.3 from Apple (iPhone 4, iPad) – save it somewhere convenient e.g. desktop
  2. After downloading iOS 4.3, plug your phone to iTunes
  3. Hold Option on Mac (or Shift on PC) and click “Check for update", open the iOS you’ve just downloaded. (remember to choose the right one for the right device if you have both iPhone & iPad)
  4. Just let it run…


When I got my 3G iPad, I subscribed to Smartone Vodafone’s tag-on data plan (i.e. sharing the same data limit with iPhone) at an extra HK$100/30 days. At one point, I thought about jailbreaking my iPhone so that I may use the iPhone as a personal hotspot but at the end I was too lazy to do so.

But behold, iOS 4.3 enables the iPhone as a personal hotspot!

You may think, “hey, it’s still in beta!"

Well, it turns out that it’s easier to install this beta than jailbreaking the iPhone. All you need to do is:

1) go to and download iOS 4.3 beta 2 for iPhone (according to the model you have), save the file to a convenient place e.g. Desktop (it’s a 600+mb file, i.e. it may take LONG to download the whole file);

2) connect your iPhone to iTunes and back up;

3) hold “Option" (“Shift" on PC)  and click “Check for update" in iTunes (with your iPhone connected);

4) choose the file you downloaded in step 1 and press “open" (or “OK" or… I don’t remember. You know… just don’t press cancel);

5) go get a cup of coffee, read newspaper, take a shower… whatsoever… for like 20 minutes or so;

6) It’s done.

It actually runs like a normal update. After the update, you’ll able to turn your iPhone into a personal hotspot by going to Settings > Personal Hotspot. You can set your own network password there.

I’m going to SMV to cancel my iPad data plan. I may pass my 3G iPad to my dad – he has been saying that he wanted to switch his wifi iPad to a 3G one. He’s also been saying that he plans to buy an iPhone. Dad, just be patient, please…! iPhone 5 is coming… and I may pass you my iPhone 4.

Sooner or later, my dad may want a Mac. Who knows.

P.S. Those who want multitasking multi-touch gesture on iPad (e.g. swipe 5 fingers upwards to bring up multi-task menubar, pinch in with 5 fingers to go to Home Screen… etc) should NOT install beta 2 but should install beta 1 instead. However, installing beta 1 is a lot more cumbersome. Watch tutorial on youtube. Well, those gestures are still there in beta 2 but they’re hidden. You’ll need a developer account number to get into Xcode and modify some codes to bring them back. That’s why my student, who’s an app developer, will bring her MBA to lesson and activate it for me. 😛

I bought a pair of black high heels from Marks & Spencer last Monday night. A very comfy pair of high heels.

So I wore them on Tuesday. I live on the first floor so I can just open my door, then the fire door and another door, then I’ll be standing outside of the building and the top of a 1.5-storey-tall staircase. I left home with a bag on my left shoulder and carried my iPad under arm. I walked down the stairs and… ouch! I slipped down the stairs. I think I slipped down like 8 steps or so. Naturally, the iPad slipped (or flew?) down the stairs as well. I got two short but wide, deep scratches on my right elbow (my shirt was not torn though) and hurt the end of my spine. (Don’t worry. I could get up and walk a few minutes after the accident. And now, five days from the accident, it doesn’t hurt anymore when I sit.)

And there I saw my iPad laying on the hard brick ground. Oh my! I immediately…

flipped open the iPad case and pressed the Home button. Thank God! My lovely iPad lit up and the  unlock screen displayed properly. There’s no cracks, not even a scratch, on the screen.

So I thought everything was fine.

In fact, I used it daily as usual after the accident. My mom played it every night as usual after the accident. Nothing wrong with the iPad. It still couldn’t automatically connect to the wifi network in one of my students’ place while having no problems in other places. I didn’t notice anything wrong. Neither did my mom.

Saturday morning, I went to studio at 9 am as usual. The 9am student was late. I pulled out my iPad and suddenly saw a slightly grey mark on one corner.

Then the second student came at 10:15am punctual. And this girl noticed a triangular mark on one of the corner of my iPad…

After the lesson, I took the iPad out of its case and saw something horrible to the pessimists or miraculous to the optimists…

First of all, let me show you what a normal nice corner of an iPad should look like:

The silver pad on the right is my Magic Trackpad. Just to give you something as reference.

Now the corner of the grey mark:

It looks really mild here. Notice this corner is not as rounded as the one in the last picture. And notice the screen protection sticker is curling up. It’s not due to poor craftsmanship  but because that corner actually dented and pushed inward so much that the corner there is no longer flat… 😦

How about the corner with the triangular mark? When I saw it, I dropped my jaw:

The corner dented. The aluminum part got pushed it so much that  I’m not sure where that black rubber lining actually is now. When I touch it, I can feel that the glass has somehow subsided. From the screen protection sticker, we can tell where the parameter of the glass is supposed to be. Now, it’s as if a tiny part of that corner is melted or something. Still, there is no sign of cracks or whatsoever on the glass there. Amazing!

I’m so sorry, iPad! I should have protected you better. But I’m so proud of you that you didn’t just crack! (Thank God!) You’re so strong that you held yourself up against such a violent attack. Now I am really proud to recommend you to everyone. You are magically durable!

Have been using the Magic Mouse for over a month. I love it very much until very recently…

The default functions come with Magic Mouse are very limited… Well, let’s say it still has everything a mouse should have but then it’s nothing really magic. That’s a major drawback.

But a friend recommended BTT (BetterTouchTool) to me and that really makes MAGIC! The Magic Mouse can do so much more with BTT. There’re many more gestures to be used on the mouse now, e.g., pinch in / out, x finger tap (x can be anything from 1-4), x finger click, x finger swipe up/down/left/right… so on. Each gesture can be assigned to a certain command that works globally or app specifically. I dare to say BTT is the indispensable companion to Magic Mouse.

Now… how did I say I love my Magic Mouse until very recently? Well, I still love my Magic Mouse but temperature has dropped recently. The Observatory has even issued Cold Weather Warning. Ok… it’s not really that cold… we’re still way above zero at around 12C. The problem is… except the top surface, the entire mouse is covered by aluminum. And aluminum is very a good conductor… especially for coldness. My hand is not that big but not small enough to have all my fingers rest on the top surface of the mouse all the time. And if I have to move the mouse, it’s inevitable to touch that icy cold side surface of the mouse.

It’s really icy cold…

So, I’m wearing a glove on my right hand… It’s good that I have really slim fingers. So, even with gloves on, no fat finger syndrome problem 😛

Conclusion: Magic Mouse with BTT makes MAGIC!

Snow Leopard runs fast and seems too fast for some others to catch up, like HP.

I upgraded my iMac (bought in late 2006) to Snow Leopard. At first, I experienced some problems but everything has been going well after I clean installed it again.

I upgrade my mom’s Macbook to Snow Leopard as well. She first complained about Chinese input. Both of us used to use Open Vanilla for Chinese input. It worked really fine before upgrade but somehow, the “delete" became “(" after upgrade. I searched through the preference and system and such but couldn’t find a solution. Went to forums and found we’re certainly not the only two on the planet and no one has a solution for it. Then I installed Yahoo! Keykey for my iMac and tested it, proved it to be good and installed it on my mom’s Macbook.

So, one problem down. But she also experienced the beach ball problem like I did, so I also clean installed Snow Leopard on her Macbook again.

Problem #2 down. Then she brought the Macbook back to work.

Then came problem #3: where’s the network printer? The first day there’s simply no printer show up in network. Took the IT guy in office a lot of time to make it show up on list. But after it shows up, the Macbook still couldn’t make it print. It’s always busy, somehow, even though no one in the network is printing anything with it.

So mom took it back and asked me to fix it. (No, I’m not employed by Apple but I’m now very often the Mac help desk person among my friends.) It turned out HP hasn’t got all drivers ready for Snow Leopard yet. And even with drivers available now, the network printing problem is not solved yet. Snow Leopard was released on Aug 26. A claimed to be HP person (wisely) started a FAQ thread in Apple forum on Aug 28. Since then, it has now got over 570 replies (40 pages) all of which are complains of not being able to make their HP printer work.

Honestly, I did successfully manage to make my own HP printer at home to work properly. It can print, scan and copy – no problem at all! But it’s connected directly to my iMac through USB.  Since the HP printer at home is not a wireless one, my mom can only print wirelessly at home through my iMac, not sending instructions directly to the printer. This works like a charm at home. Took me like only a second or two to set it up.

But at mom’s office, things are just totally different. Sigh… What to do then?

So, mom asked me to downgrade her Macbook and let it fall back to Leopard. So I backed up with Time Machine, zeroed out the disk, popped in the Leopard install disk… “cannot install OS X on this computer" WHAT?

Then I remember this Macbook came in Leopard, not Tiger. It didn’t require an install disk but it has its own recovery disk (or something like that). But with the hard disk being zeroed out, I couldn’t just press “eject" and eject the Leopard disk already inside the Cd slot. I had to hook it up to my iMac with a Firewire cable and boot it up as target disk, then eject the disk and switch it off … then on again.

Popped in the recovery disk… “cannot install OS X on this computer" WHAT DA …?!

In the end… I told my mom, “Mom, you needa print things? There are two solutions: 1)There’s a spare HP Inkjet in your room. Bring it back to office and connect it to your Macbook via USB; 2)Print your stuffs at home."

I got her Macbook back on Snow Leopard at last… not without some scary moments, like… settings were not migrated after using Migration Assistant; the Macbook turned black when I was looking into Time Machine, even the white light in the front was gone (nearly had a heart attack…again).

But still… I don’t see myself going back to the Windows world. I’ve just seen the Windows 7 in church got BSOD yesterday during service. Yes, DURING SERVICE when it was playing sermon PPT slides, it just went dead and self-reboot AND got BSOD AGAIN during  reboot.  So, no. I’m not going back… especially when I have the iPhone now.

「蘋果研發教育軟件 iLife 及 iWord, 用家可在電腦製作電影、音樂等作品。」(明報港聞)

微軟有Word, 蘋果有什麼?

答案是 iWork。 是Work 不是 Word!


然後,「蘋果研發教育軟件 iLife 及 iWord」這一句,是現在進行式的意思,即蘋果在研發這些軟件,還沒正式發行,但是,眾所周知,iLife和 iWork 都已經發行,而且都已經發行了兩代或以上。

這是文法上的錯。(當然,如果蘋果真的在研發一個叫做iWord的新軟件, 那就另作別類。)

再看「教育軟件」四字,iLife 和 iWork確實可用於教育用途,不過大概沒有人會把這兩個軟件,定位為教育軟件。事實上,原文的下一句即指:「蘋果教育副總監John Couch指出,軟件[可]應用於學習,提供平台予學生創作,適合21世紀結合科技的教育要求。」可應用於學習的軟件,與教育軟件是兩回事。很多軟件都可應用於學習/教育,溜覽器在教學時也有用到的,難道溜覽器也是教育軟件嗎?



So, I’ve been playing with my ipod touch with software 2.0 for almost a week. I’ve also finally paid the second time in app store, which is also the first time I pay for an app (the first time was to buy the software 2.0).

The app costed me USD29.99 and obviously, if it makes me pay USD29.99 and I’m willing to do it, this app must be a useful app and a meaningful app. And voila! I’ve got BibleXpress installed. Just tried out a bit and seems pretty good to me. Very similar to the olivetree (NIV bundle) I used on palm before but looks much better. (I am sophisticated enough to actually study the Bible but at the same time, I am cheap and I am shallow – I don’t want to pay and I do like eye-candy stuffs!) I like the note function which gives users a way to make notes on each verse which is, as the developer wrote, good for expository study. From its website, it’s very likely that I can get NIV and The Message in future free updates. I hope that the developer will add commentaries and dictionaries to the app as well. I’ll depend on this app when I do my Precept class!

After playing with my friend’s iphone (actually, she’s my piano student but we ended up playing iphone and ipod touch instead of playing the piano…LOL), I know I WILL get an iphone – just a matter of time. My dad will probably be envious if I get one =P

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