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Just registered as a IT manager for a google app (though I’m no IT manager at all but a potato powder secretary) and am trying to combine google app with the domain hosted at Bluehost. It involved creating user accounts (very easy – just a bit time consuming if you do not already have a list that go with the csv format that google wants), creating CNAME records (what the heck is this?), setting MX something (haven’t touched this part yet – no clue at all), and of course uploading the things I wanna “share" with the members.

The first time sucking procedure was to go through application forms and create an email account for each member at Bluehost (my domain server). And then it’s a less time consuming procedure to upload a csv that contains the info of these users to Google App. And then I had to sort of design a site that I want the members to see. Then came the CNAME part.

Google actually did write kinda thorough instructions for this but just doesn’t apply to Bluehost. But after searching on the internet for a while and read through many posts, I’ve tried it in a different way:

At Bluehost cpanel, go to Subdomains and create a new subdomain that you want your google site to be redirected to.

Still at Bluehost cpanel, go to Domain Redirect and set the subdomain to be redirected to the URL of your google site.

Then…it’s done!

Well, CNAME can be created if I go through live chat or file a ticket to Bluehost support. But how would a lazy person like me do that? As long as it kinda works, I’m settled with this.

Now that I’m done with creating users and mapping sites, next, I’ll try to work on the email thing.

一月 2021