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One of the goals of my Kansai trip is buying a guitar for myself. My friend gave me a website and told me to get a Kodaira AST-100 from a shop called FANA. So I copied the address from the website and made a trip there on the last second day of my trip. And here is how I found that “shop": (hover over the pictures to see captions) To be honest, I only stayed in that shop for less than 30 minutes. There was the shop keeper and another young guy who seems to be a guitar student of the keeper. The keeper seems pretty nice. I tried out only two guitars of the same model and quickly decided to take the second one. My friend, who is also my guitar teacher, tried the new guitar last Thursday and said it’s good. In fact, he said I probably can use it even in diploma exams. It’s got good overtone and good intonation accuracy (referring to the frets). The one little problem is there’s some noise on D string especially on the second fret. We’re not sure if it’s a problem of the strings or a problem of the guitar itself (if so, most likely to be a problem of the fret which can be fixed). We’ll try out with another set of strings. Hope that it can pass the test =P

一月 2021