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Two days ago, my dad called me from China and said his iPad got stuck at the Apple logo screen; just two hours ago, my friend MSN me and said her iphone bricked. Months ago, my iPad kinda bricked as well. With more and more people using iPod/iPhone/iPad, the more frequent I have people asking me how to revive a bricked device. Two things:

1) If your iOS device (iPod/iPhone/iPad) got stuck with blank screen, long hold sleep + home button until you see the apple logo reappears (it may take up to 20 secs. Be patient!). Usually this will solve whatever problem you’re having. I’d personally suggest you to close all apps after your iPod/iPhone/iPad revives – double click home button, long press an icon in multitask menubar until the icons wriggle, close each icon with the red “minus" sign. Then reboot.

2) If the iPod/iPhone/iPad got stuck with the Apple logo like my dad’s iPad did, follow the steps here:

If neither of the above cures your iOS device, take it back to Apple.

Btw, these advices are for non-jailbroken devices. Jailbroken devices may need some other procedures and you should look further elsewhere.

My personal guess on why our devices bricked themselves is that our devices simply run out of memory. In  most cases I’ve seen, the bricked devices got 20+ apps sitting in the menubar. I know Steve Jobs said users don’t have to care about how the device manage memory and apps and such, but the fact is the devices, even iOS devices, do suffer from having too many apps opened at the same time. For most apps that crash often, the main reason and the most common reason is memory shortage. It’s almost always the case.

So, to help ourselves, make it a habit to kill apps in multitask menubar every now and then. Reboot the device every now and then. This should help to keep our beloved iPod/iPhone/iPad in good shape.

七月 2020