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Saw these toothpastes in CitySuper! the other day. Altogether 32 flavors… Never thought there’re so many flavors for toothpaste! And… some of the flavors are just… kinda beyond imagination: Cafe Au Lait? Bitter Chocolate? Cola? Indian Curry???

As mentioned in caption, toothpaste may also work in an erotic sense… brush your teeth before you kiss! If you wanna surprise your lover, brush your teeth with Indian Curry! If you want you lover to feel how sweet you are, go try White Peach or Cola! If you wanna punish him/her, go for Espresso or Bitter Chocolate!

Or in a more “educational" sense… for kids who don’t like brushing their teeth, you can put all the toothpastes into a big bag and have lucky draw every time before they have to brush their teeth. Most kids like lucky draw, no matter what they’re drawing for. And you may lure them with giving them Cola flavor on the first day, and start the lucky draw system from the second day on! 

I’m so creative! (And so “moliu"!) 

七月 2020


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